Full Moon in Aries

Sunday, October 13, 2019 11:08 AM

This high point of the Libra New Moon cycle, when the Moon is opposite to the Sun, is a Full Moon in the heady, sometimes brash, but feisty and commanding sign of Aries. Astrologically, this always speaks to new beginnings, but with a Full Moon aspect, we are divided. Our emotions want to step ahead, but also the Libra Sun asks us to pull others along with us as we move forward. Sometimes that is possible, sometimes it is not. The “not” is symbolized by the very, very tight T-square of this Full Moon to Pluto. All three are at 20˚. Oh, and throw in Saturn close by at 14˚ and we have a strong recipe for discord.

Pluto’s effect is always to transform, wherever it is in the zodiac. Moving so slowly that it covers generations of change and influence, Pluto’s slow and gradual movement through Capricorn since 2008  is wreaking havoc upon those things that are represented by Capricorn: primarily, the organizational constructs of our society. But also for each of us personally, it’s changing the ways in which we have organized our personal reality, the relationships that we’ve woven our lives around, and the small (and large) details that make up those relationships. Pluto exposes the underlying desires and impulses that may have been hidden previously.

So this Full Moon is kind of a push-pull energy, as all Full Moons are, except that in the Cardinal signs (those that initiate things) it can be especially oppositional. Moon in Aries initiates, but can sometimes forget in its headlong rush to make the connections and the kindness (Libra) that is the glue of relationships. Pluto has a kind of in-your-face way of reminding us of what we need to pay attention to.

Venus and Mercury are now in the intense and powerful sign of Scorpio. And Venus’s desire-oriented, sensual energy is in opposition to Uranus’s freedom-oriented energy. Unusual and unpredictable desires and feelings may arise, especially under the influence of the somewhat impulsive Aries Moon. Mercury is harmonious with Neptune, the forces of the dream world are strong at this Full Moon, so it’s possible some night dreaming may express our hidden desires, and be powerful insights into what we need to examine.

The Moon is in a strong trine (harmonious 120˚ aspect) to expansive Jupiter, and so some great ideas may be birthed under this somewhat confusing Full Moon. It would be wise to hold them and find out their relevance to what’s practically possible before taking action. Saturn in Capricorn is asking us to re-define how we are using our life force, to consider how we may want to change the ways we go about getting things accomplished, and to redirect our energies in very realistic and practical directions.

All this year, with the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune square, we’ve been challenged to ask what our ideals are, and if we are living up to them, both personally and globally as well. We’ve been challenged as to what reality is in general. Is it real, or is it Photoshop? If we’re caught in a bind, do we call it fake news if it  incriminates us? Who do we believe? What does our heart tell us? What is our relationship to the still, small voice within that tells us what’s what? Do we even know that voice, or believe in it? Or is it all just the physical world and its societal laws and rules that decide the truth?

We are rapidly drawing a dividing line between realities here on Planet Earth. Human-based and controlled reality vs. a paradigm that is based on knowing humans are not the center of the Universe, that we exist in cooperation with all other life forms, both physical and non-physical. And that the Universe has inherent meaning, however elusive that meaning may be at times. That we are souls in human bodies, becoming aware of just how inter-connected we are to each other and to the biosphere. AND, what astrology aims to teach us, is that through myth, archetype, and symbolic connections, we may discover that deeper meaning, expressed in those forces greater than we can ever know, underlying our everyday lives.

NOTE: At the next New Moon in Scorpio, on October 27th, some great, dynamic busting loose energy is in store for us all, especially affecting the world stage. This is a potentially volatile and explosive energy, that may manifest around that time, or soon after. Fasten your seat belts; I’ll have a full report in two weeks.


All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.