Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Friday, January 10, 2020 11:21 AM

11:21 am PST 

6:21  pm UTC

At the Doorway of Change

Yes, we’re in for it. Great changes are upon us. The time for transformation has arrived. This Lunar Eclipse is happening at the critical point just hours before the once in 38 years conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Eclipses are harbingers of exposure, when shadow contents become more visible. The Cancer Moon is reflecting our shadow down on us at a time when Saturn, the keeper of Time and karma, and Pluto, the inevitable progression of our evolution, combine forces. This heralds a time of great change, where our world is shaken up, shaken in order to awaken.

Cancer Moon: sensitive, careful, caring, nurturing Moon. The Cancer eclipsed Moon emerges at a time when patriarchy is doing everything it can to keep its power at the top. The mother-love bond of emotional connection that the Cancer Moon symbolizes, appears at this most intense moment when five planetary bodies all conjoin — Sun, Mercury, and Ceres plus Saturn/Pluto in the opposite sign of Capricorn — the Moon’s counterbalance seems overpowered. Tensions are high. Jupiter is also now in Capricorn and will be getting closer to Saturn and Pluto throughout the year. (Jupiter was in Capricorn when the Watergate hearings eventually forced Nixon to resign. The expansive optimism of Jupiter becomes tempered by Saturnian karma.)

Capricorn as a sign deals with the earth, as in how we build our material world, how we organize our material resources, and distribute them amongst ourselves. Obviously, we are not doing a very good job of distributing our overall earthly wealth of resources — we actually have enough for every person on this Earth to live, eat, breathe and prosper. Pluto’s job is to break down this unhappy and disproportionate system of wealth. We either do it by choice, or if we default, the whole system breaks down. Extinction. One thing every astrologer knows: when Pluto in activating us, its effects are inexorable and inescapable. We can resist, but resisting a tidal wave is useless. However if we heed Pluto and Saturn’s call, we can harness their energy for a sea change.

The tidal wave is an awakening, one which is happening in the populace of the world. Many who cling to the old ways of materialism, 3rd chakra ways of survival and competition, will suffer greatly. We are moving into the 4th chakra energetic frequency of the heart, that of giving, generosity, inclusivity. Not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because on some inner level we realize our generosity is our unadulterated true nature, and as it goes around, it comes around. The ways of war, greed, fear and struggle – all based upon mistrust — are outmoded. Our ability to see the progress of our collective evolution is skewed and sullied by media influence. There is an awakening happening: what we are seeing now is how it happens. Not exactly as Disney would have it.

Uranus the great revolutionary, and Eris the goddess of strife and discord, both are going direct hours after this eclipse. Their influence will become more evident during the next 6 months, until the next eclipse cycle. Uranus in Taurus asks us to revolutionize how we deal with our Earth mother, to give her reverence in all our doings. Eris moving direct will likely throw a wrench in the works, into the old outmoded ways, so that some kind of major breakdown will seem necessary for real change to happen. Eris also forms a T-square to the lunar eclipse, increasing the tension of unpredictability. This is an indicator of strife, yes, but also in its instability, events can unfold in uncommon ways, perhaps avoiding total disaster.

For each of us, navigating these energetic doorways is an individual affair, yet there are some things we all can pay attention to. It would be helpful to look at your own chart to see what’s being activated around the 20-23 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra; what house it takes place in shows the area of life involved. These are cardinal signs, of action and moving ahead. But before we can move forward, we’ll need to recognize what’s holding us back. Ceres in Capricorn asks us to create and hold to structures of self-nurturance; self-care is an essential part of our toolkit in the coming year. We are also being pushed to address whatever has been unresolved in our lives, our relationships. This is true on a global scale as well.

We are WAY past our due date as a race of beings. We’ve been warned of climate disaster for more than 40 years. We can no longer afford to play the ignorance card, the revenge card, the shame and blame cards. This holds true on the personal level, as the Capricorn emphasis now is asking us to express our proficiency in whatever it is we do in the world, and use it to make the difference we know we are here to make. As we make a difference in our personal world, we affect the greater world.

Many other important and significant transits are occurring this year, which we will cover in future postings. Important and powerful long range cycles are at an ending point now, some of which are several hundreds of years in the making. Awareness of these cycles helps us place our experiences in valuable context, to be able to see the larger picture unfolding. Do what you can in your life and relationships to treasure the sensitivity the Cancer Moon expresses. It is our greatest resource for survival.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.