New Moon in Libra

Friday, October 16, 2020 8:46 PM

  12:30 pm PDT October 16, 2020

  7:30 pm UTC October 16, 2020

Finding Balance in the Underworld

This New Moon is a SuperMoon, being very powerfully close to the Earth.  This affects tides and the tidal waters within our bodies, as well as the intensity of the energies all around us.

When looking at the red lines in this chart, all we see is tension, tension, tension. Mars forms an opposition to the New Moon and this opposition is at 90˚ angles to the Grand Trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, who have been stirring up the karmic pot of soup we’ve all been cooking in since this past January. And it’s true: Mars and Eris, brother and sister, are collectively in Aries mirroring to us our fascination with fire, with destruction, with “bigger and better” and greatness in general. On the other hand the Libra Sun/Moon conjunction is the peacemaker at the opposite end of the table, trying her best to create some sense of connection. Where are the connections we used to have with each other? she asks. Where is civility? Grace of speech? Disagreement of ideas rather than personalities?

Eris could care less about ideas. She wants revenge. She has been dissed for eons and we all feel her wrath upon our bodies, upon the environment, upon our water, our general state of dis-ease. We have ignored her pleas to be included in the ways in which we live our lives. If we listened to her, we’d have to face our collective shadow, and we’d rather ignore that and hope it goes away. Or we’ll make up lies about what she’s telling us, to disown and discredit her. She has been ousted because reminds us of what we are afraid of… that we’ve forgotten some very important things about how we treat each other and the planet and all Creation.  She knows it’s about our lack of respect.

And so when she and her brother form a right angle to Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter, the proverbial shit has hit the fan, for all to see. The intensity on the world stage has reached almost comically unbelievable proportions. Pluto the awakener and Saturn the king of karma, have joined together, even enlisted Jupiter, our connection to goodness and spirituality, in its “fall” in Capricorn, who reminds us that part of taking care of business is taking care of our hearts, and our connection to Spirit, All That Is, the collective of All Life.

But there’s also a Grand Trine of blue lines of this chart. When planets form 120˚ angles in the shape of a triangle there is said to be like an electrical current of positivity, or of grace. In this case, it has to do with an asteroid named Athena, who is conjoined now with Jupiter. She, the warrior goddess, who was born out of the head of Zeus (Jupiter) is the realized feminine, one who is not fearful of aggression. But one who is also just and fair. She forms an almost exact trine to Venus in Virgo, the archetypal feminine healer within us all, and another trine to Uranus in Taurus, asking us to connect with the Earth’s consciousness, to employ a new spiritual focus that is not in the sky, but under our feet. Venus’s Virgo precision is in opposition to Neptune’s dreamy Pisces energy, asking us to hold on to our vision, and not get lost in the morass of struggle and fears. Neptune is for the big picture, Venus to imagine and love it into reality. Look for where grace is in your life.

Athena’s warrior energy can be good for us right now, in that she’s able to use her sharp perceptions to be mindful of what’s going on around her, to not fall into despair, but to keep on keepin’ on. In Capricorn, she’s ultimately practical. Whatever is good for you, stay with it, and let go of old things which are not longer relevant. The energy of letting go is supported also by having both Mars and Mercury retrograde at this time. We can’t ignore Pluto’s directives now. We must transform. We are transforming. We’re in the Underworld right now, where the most intense transformations take place,  and it’s never pretty to be there. It is confusing and undermines our sense of happiness in living.  This is a time to find the peace within ones’ self, to take stock of what’s been learned, what we need to release, and what needs to be changed in our habits. That’s what we can glean from being “instructed” by Pluto.

How do we deal with all this tension? What are the destructive ways we fall into, and what are the constructive ways we need to emulate and adopt? How can we make peace (Libra) with ourselves and others and find the light that guides us forward? Mercury and Juno conjoined give us a clue. It’s through relationships, partnerships, especially the ones that inspire us, make us passionate about life, that we can together form the container that can hold this turbulence and despair, and yes, even possibility.  

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.