Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Sunday, November 29, 2020 5:09 PM

1:30 am PST, 11/30/20

8:30 am UTC

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

We are in another eclipse cycle, with a lunar and solar eclipse happening within two weeks of each other. This cycle happens once every 6 months, and is a marker point for changes that involve the emergence of our collective and individual shadow material being presented to us for editing and consideration. This lunar eclipse is a penumbral one, meaning we see the Moon being only slightly darkened by the Earth’s shadow, rather than a partial or total eclipse. Its occurrence, however, is still significant.

Eclipses are alignments of the Earth, Moon and Sun that are much more precise than in other months, since they algin with the Lunar Nodes. The lunar nodes are the points in the sky where the Moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. When an alignment occurs, and shadows are cast on either the Moon’s surface (lunar eclipse) or the Earth’s surface (solar eclipse) powerful energies are being transmitted to the planet that are always marker points for changes for the next six months. The lunar nodes have long been associated astrologically with the meanings of karma, either involving leftover past events (South Node) or callings of destiny toward our future (North Node).

This lunar eclipse conjoins the North Node and is in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of information that connects humans with their Higher Selves. We all have this connection, whether we choose to pay attention to it, or ignore it by not even believing it exists. Certainly our Western culture with its strong emphasis upon materialism doesn’t have much room for beliefs that we can gather information from the “ethers” or our imagination. Imagination to a Western mind is what we imagine it to be, and if we are not practiced in shutting off our own egoic thoughts, we will not be able to perceive anything other than “me” and my thoughts. But if we become practiced at learning the vocabularies of metaphor and archetypes, (such as astrology) we can make inroads into this increasingly vital part of being a human being.

This eclipse cycle, then, is calling us toward a new vision of our future. Neptune, ruler of the imagination and the “unconscious” has just gone into direct motion on the 28th of November. When an outer planet changes direction, shifts occur in our consciousness, of which we can become aware. Direct motion signals greater access to our more conscious mind, and though Neptune is pretty deeply “out there” both in the solar system and in our awareness, we may from now on notice more of a correlation of our dreams and visioning with synchronistic events in our lives.

Neptune is forming right angles to the Nodes of the Moon, asking us to question and pay deep attention to how our usual modes of reasoning (Gemini) and judging (Sagittarius) may be influenced by our past memories. Do we need an update in these areas? Neptune says yes. The whole human populace on this planet is undergoing massive changes in how we look at the world. Our worldview, whether we are aware of it or not, holds the underpinnings of how we experience the events of our lives, and either attracts or rejects experiences and relationships every day. Our worldview has a direct effect upon our immune system, and our ability to cope with stressors and illnesses. Gemini and Sagittarius are the signs that are pivotal to the manifestation of how we communicate and broadcast our worldview to others, often unconsciously influencing situations according to our expected outcomes.

And deeply rumbling below the surface are the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn all conjoining with Athena (see previous blogs) to stir up our well-established systems of government and commerce based upon inequality and fear-based paucity. Soon Jupiter and Saturn will make a once in 20 year Great Conjunction at 0˚ of Aquarius, an event happening exactly on Winter Solstice. Such an occurrence is the milestone of milestones, having never happened on Winter Solstice in the past 2000 years. More on this later, but perhaps it is helpful to know that we are in times of great planet-wide changes, where the old world views of slavery, racism, and domination have become outmoded ways of co-existing on this planet, soon to contribute to our general demise if we don’t make significant changes. The biggest changes to be made are in our philosophies of how we live together (Sagittarius) and our common accepted values of trusting each other, knowing that when we establish trust, healing takes place.

With so much misinformation taking place in our era of mass communications we are being pushed to use our connection to our hearts, and our Higher Selves, to make important discernments as to what is true. This chart with Mercury in Scorpio in sextile (60˚) to the Capricorn planets shows us that we must learn to trust our capacity for feeling into what we see, for using our “sixth sense” to know what  information we can trust. The upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction will be the beginning of a cycle of these planets coming together in Air signs for the next 200 years, focusing upon our philosophies, our stated values, our ability to use our minds to develop the reasoning of the heart to determine what is good and true. When our world view shifts in this way, world co-operation toward peaceful co-existence is possible.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.