Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

8:16 am PST, 12/14/20

6:16 pm UTC

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This solar eclipse New Moon week is a seminal event that will be ringing and resonating for many years to come. The events which will happen this week are powerful indicators that we are at a turning point in human history, especially with the upcoming Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happening on the solstice, an event which has not happened in thousands of years. This particular Great Conjunction at the turning from dark to light heralds the cessation of a greater darkness, and the beginning of a time of reformation.

The effects of a solar eclipse often last for six months, until the next eclipse cycle. This solar eclipse is in a challenging square relationship (90˚) to the planet Neptune, which governs our relationship to the unknown, the unconscious, the deep well of archetypes and dreams that we all share. Since Sagittarius governs our philosophy and knowledge, i.e. how we put together the facts we gather to make a whole picture of the world, and eclipses are times when we are confronted with shadow material, we are being challenged to question our beliefs about reality, about how we’ve put together our world view. We are being asked to go deeper into our selves (Neptune in Pisces) to find there a larger picture of reality than our present society and culture gives us. This is about transcendence.

And how do we do this? Through our relationships, making connections. Venus in this solar eclipse chart is extremely tightly conjoined with the asteroid Juno (or Hera) which describes the principle of holding relationship as a sacred thing. And the two are in Scorpio, which means that yes, it will be intense, and there may be passionately powerful involvements, or some really deep and disturbing changes that we must go through, and shadowy psychic material within ourselves, in order to align ourselves with the new paradigm that is slowly being born. Venus/Juno forms strong supportive sextiles (60˚ angles) to the power planets Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. These two goddesses show us how to navigate the way through this transitional time.

The day after this eclipse, Chiron will turn direct. Chiron is the bridging planetary body that orbits between Saturn (the limitations of the known) and Uranus (the big-picture reality of higher knowledge, the universal nature of reality.) Signifying the wounded healer, it is a turning point in our relationship to having been wounded, no longer needing to identify with our woundedness, but moving on to help others with the compassion and understanding that have come from being informed by our wounds, seeing how we all share them in some way. Now is the time to begin to heal these deep wounds in our society, through holding sacred our relationships with each other, and the Earth.

Saturn will enter Aquarius on December the 17th and will remain there for the next two and a half years. Saturn in Aquarius has always given us times of great reform in human rights, and creating the laws (Saturn) that benefit the people (Aquarius). Two days later, Jupiter will leave Capricorn and also enter Aquarius, getting ready for the big conjoining with Saturn on the 21st, solstice.

Jupiter and Saturn come together every 20 years, and always signal the end of a regime or historical period, and the beginning of a new cycle. We’ve never had their conjunction happen on winter solstice, at least for the past 5000 years according to one astrologer. (My program only goes back 2000 years!) For the last 200 years, this important conjunction has happened in earth signs, dealing with the material world and the issues of production of goods, hoarding of resources, the rise of capitalism worldwide and the now ever powerful corporations that rule our lives. This conjunction at 0˚ of Aquarius signals a new 200 year cycle of conjunctions in air signs, air ruling knowledge, principles, communications, and especially in Aquarius (for the next 20 years) the forming of new groups that represent “we the people” rather than the “top-down” farce of most governments now on the planet. 

The cry of freedom and independence is one of the strengths of Aquarius. We have yet to see how this will play out, especially in the US, as a split in consciousness threatens to have states seceding, just as in the 1860’s in this country. But this split is a long-standing issue of whether we divide people into slaves and masters, whites and “others,” or whether we are truly One People with differing skills and yet one heart. Do we “own” the land we live on, or do we steward it? Do we “own” those who are workers, or do we share the resources with them? Is it right to have a handful of  people controlling the lives of billions? The Aquarian ideals coming into play now will deeply question these and other concepts in the coming years. It is the end of the age of materialism, and the beginning of an age of learning about stewardship of the planet, and kinship of all humans with each other.

Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn, a once in 735 year happening, signifying a transformation of awareness of how power is distributed, structured and used.

Jupiter/Saturn have not conjoined in Aquarius since 1405, near the end of the Middle Ages, presaging the Renaissance.

And their conjunction on Winter Solstice, not in at least 5000 years.

We are in for major changes this world has NEVER seen. It is going to require that each of us prepare by using this present era of isolation and internal focus to become aware of our old rigid patterns, to become aware of how we have been “colonized” in our judgements by capitalism, by slavery thinking, by religious intolerance, by the “always war” mentality, and the arrogance and narcissism of our times, and humbly accept our need to re-inventory ourselves to prepare to be agents of change in the world around us, in whatever form that may take, to live our lives to “do no harm” as the Hippocratic oath says.

This Solstice is a huge energetic doorway, even as the Earth’s magnetic field recedes during this week’s time, it’s a pause time for each of us to make an offering of ourselves to the inevitable changes that will happen in the years to come, to create some kind of ceremony or ritual observance of this moment, knowing that how we navigate this doorway will set the tone for how we imagine the coming years to evolve in our lives and in the life of Planet Earth. Can we imagine that we will change our ways to crawl out from under the morass of fear our society continues to perpetuate? Can we dream ourselves into a world of peaceful coexistence? We may think thoughts of peace, but if we use our hearts in relationship to imagine what we could become, our reality will begin to reflect what we envision. Much healing has to happen, and the focus of that shift is being reflected by the planets. This is the law that Aquarius reminds us of, that reality is our mirror, a reflection of our deepest imaginings. Knowing this, what will you dream?

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.