Full Moon in Virgo

Monday, March 9, 2020 12:47 AM

10:47 am PDT

5:47 pm UTC

This Full Moon is strongly aspecting an event which has not taken place in 735 years, the conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter together in Capricorn. This event, which happened last in 1284-1285 coincided with, according to astrologer Stephanie Austin, “greatly increased trade between China and Europe, the beginning of the modern banking system, and the adoption of mechanized time.” These three planets govern the power structures of society, with big changes being in the works for us, now that in this era Planet Earth is a global community. Mars has also joined the Capricorn trio, bringing activation energy into the mix.

We are in a critical time, and this Full Moon in Virgo points ups the need for critical discernment. In the age we are in, we are flooded with misinformation. The known and respected sources of information  are no longer reliable. Digital voting machines can be hacked; the results tampered with. What we used to rely upon for security, trust, and dignity from our society are at a low ebb.

In this chart, the Virgo Full Moon is strongly trine to the Capricorn planetary event. Virgo is the sign of making distinctions, of separating out the true from the BS. But Virgo also governs healing, finding where in the miasma of radical change, there is possibility for renewal. With the yearly conjunction of the Sun and Neptune also happening now, our intuition and possibilities for deep connections are at a high point. Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, and governs the realms of dreams and inspiration. Our capacity to be in touch with our deepest truth and the information from our dreams is favored now. However, our capacity to be immersed in fantasy may also be heightened. So we need to take advantage of this Virgoan emphasis and use our sensitivity to guide and balance us. Tuning in to our heart’s energy is a key indicator, which means letting go of expectation and attachment to a particular outcome.

Venus and Uranus are also conjoined at this juncture. Both being conjoined in the sign of Taurus, we may on a personal level just seek out unique forms of pleasure. Or since Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury, we may find new pathways toward helping out our troubled Earth planet in whatever ways, large or small, that suit our skills. The asteroid Athena has also joined the Capricorn club, and is adding the strength of feminine warrior-wisdom into the mix of energies available to us all now. She represents being strategic, but also using wisdom and strength to be a guardian of what is civilized and just.

Mercury also goes direct about 10 hours after the exactitude of the Full Moon. It may take some days before we feel the direct motion, particularly if you are a Virgo or Gemini, as this is your ruling planet. But as of now, all the planets will be in direct motion for the next six weeks. When the Sun blasts into Aries March 19th at Equinox, look for things to “take off” and a feeling of becoming more active.

The Equinox chart is one which strongly represents the revolutionary times we are in. The Sun at 0˚ of Aries is conjoined Chiron, the wounded healer, and is shining a light on all our past woundings, while the Earth sign of Capricorn is chock full of planets that signify a momentous paradigm shift. As we all face pandemic warnings on this planet, our connections to each other are significant. Do we give in to fear and panic? With so much turbulence now, our collective consciousness is undergoing a questioning, a kind of world-wide depression, knowing our societal structures are falling apart. Such a similar worldwide depression followed the horror of WWI, when the Spanish flu of 1918 erupted. We can’t ignore the connection between our feelings and their resultant effect on our immune system, both personal and collective.

Saturn will be entering the revolutionary sign of Aquarius on March 21st, a harbinger of things to come. Not for 29 years have we experienced a Saturn in Aquarius. The last time was in the early1990’s which saw the advent of the internet, and the breakup of the Soviet Union. Saturn in this sign will influence the bringing into consciousness new ways of organizing our society. It will retro out of Aquarius in July, only to make a grand entrance back into Aquarius in December, when it will make a Great Conjunction with Jupiter at 0˚ Aquarius, exact on the powerful day of Winter Solstice.

Jupiter and Saturn conjoin every 20 years, and for centuries these two visible planets in conjunction in the sky heralded a time of change, indicating that the next 20 years’ time would be colored by their position and sign. Their conjunction in December of this year will be the first time in 600 years that these two will begin a cycle of conjoining in air signs, meaning that for the next 200 years their conjunction will take place in air signs. Air rules our thinking, our beliefs and philosophies. We’ve been slogging along with the emphasis being Earth signs for the last 200 years, with a strong emphasis upon materialistic values, acquisition and control of resources, and colonialism. Now we are being asked by the timing of the planets to look at how our beliefs shape our reality to take responsibility for what’s happening around us.

We all have resources available to us during times of great stress. Perhaps these times are lessons to learn the ways in which we can strengthen our deep connections to the truths that lie within us. With the Sun and Neptune now together, dream deeply and well, ask for assistance from your higher self, and know that wisdom and guidance are available!

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.