New Moon in Gemini

Friday, May 22, 2020 11:39 AM

11:39 am, May 22, 2020 PDT

  6:39 pm, May 22, 2020 UTC

The Goddesses Are Speaking

In recent years, astrologers have been using the movements of several objects in the asteroid belt, among them several named after goddesses, finding them extremely useful as a complement to the mostly masculine energies of traditional astrology.  Looking at this chart with the addition some of the asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Vesta, Athena and Juno) gives an interesting energetic picture of the transits that are occurring as we enter this new lunar cycle. The goddesses add a different dimension to the picture, showing us the hidden treasures that are available, and necessary, as the old paradigm of patriarchy is grinding self-destructively down.

The signature of Gemini figures strongly in the New Moon chart. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Vesta  and the North Node are all in Gemini. Gemini has to do with duality. The sign of the twins represents the two sides of the metaphoric coin, plus and minus, dark and light, god and mortal. In astrology, no sign, planet, house or angle is inherently  good or bad, they all have their uses and abuses. Our goal is to harmonize duality, which is another description of integration. Gemini also rules information and thought, both of which are in superabundance in our present society.

In this time of the Great Turning as Joanna Macy calls it, we are at the end of so many large and small cycles, all coinciding in a Paradigm Shift that is turning everything inside out. We hardly know what the truth is any more about practically everything in our day to day world.  Ideas and facts are twisted together to make up whatever reality suits the writer, or corporate interests. Clinical trials are manipulated, money and profit prevail over personal truth.(1) It is no accident that Hermes (Mercury) is the messenger god representing Gemini, but also is the god of thievery and deception.

All of the lies that have been promoted now are coming home to roost. We cannot ignore the changes in weather, the gigantic typhoons and hurricanes, the hotter climate, the dwindling food supplies, the oil polluted waters. It’s not like the gods aren’t giving us enough warnings. We’re still trapped in the old paradigm of unlimited progress, thinking humanity’s purpose is to dominate Nature, and Earth is breaking down. We’ve forgotten how to listen to the messages not coming from ourselves, but from the Earth and our inner self.

Into this chart, enter the goddesses. Athena, warrior goddess of wisdom, the arts, and weaving, is now conjoined with Saturn (laws, rules, restrictions, conservation) at this New Moon, adding a balance to Saturn’s often bad rap as the karmic reaper. I see them as weaving restrictions and conservation into a new reality of wisdom that supports continuing life, especially as they’re in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of New Thought.

Mars is now in watery, fluid, sensitive Pisces, and at this New Moon, he’s conjoined with Ceres, the Great Mother archetype (and the largest of the asteroids). Perhaps in the spiritual sign of Pisces our martial energies, Mars, how we take action in the world, are getting some much needed instruction, away from its ages-old patriarchal influences and toward protecting and preserving our agriculture, our crops, the rainforests of the planet. In the chart they’re square to the New Moon, indicating a form of tension that indicates perhaps our masculine energy is somewhat resistant to change. (Ya think?)

And with Venus and Mercury at a conjunction in this chart, the heart and mind are potentially blended with each other, so that our ideas can be informed by the sensibility of the heart, rather than the brain’s calculations of profit and greed. Vesta, goddess of the hearth, is also conjoined these two, showing us that we can hone our intention to adopt new ways of being in a new world; we can light a candle on our altar to that effect.

And to connect all of this into a Grand Trine(2) of possibilities, (see blue lines in the diagram) the asteroid goddess Juno (Hera) in Libra completes the picture, and shows us that in order to make this all work, we need to create new relationships, new alliances, and, like Juno who was the wife of Jupiter (Zeus), tolerate the difficulties of staying in relationship, staying the course through conflict and betrayal, so that we do not leave out the shadows of others, as well as of ourselves.

Jupiter’s long standing conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn this year has brought us a bright spotlight into the dark dealings of our governments worldwide. Pluto’s “job” is to strip away the outmoded. As a result, and characteristic of the ends of eras and empires, we are witnessing the desperate and fearful grab onto violence and greed, driven by fear and panic. But if the pandemic has one lesson to give us, it’s that we’re all in this together, an entire planet of incredibly diverse human beings, sharing the same water, air, earth and fire.

Use this New Moon to re-formulate and re-evaluate some old ways of thinking and communicating that may be based upon old patriarchal issues of control, lack, fear and judgements. Observe how your thoughts and the forms of speech influence your day to day experience of reality. And be on the lookout for ways to shift your source from head to heart, especially now as Venus is retrograde and sending her signals to deep within our psyches. That Source is Love.

[1] "Norma McCorvey (aka “Roe” of Roe v Wade) revealed on her deathbed that she was paid by right-wing operatives to flip her stance on reproductive rights. So, like many right-wing operations, it turns out a huge part of the anti-choice movement was a scam the entire time." – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

[2] When three planets are in 120˚ aspect (trine) to each other, they form an equilateral triangle, which represents a strong harmonious energy, a portal or window of great possibility.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.