Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Wednesday, June 3, 2020 4:00 AM

12:12 pm June 5, 2020 PDT

  7:12 pm, June 5, 2020 UTC

Shaken to Awaken

The chart signifying that major upheavals were in the forecast for this year was the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020. Just two days prior there was a Lunar Eclipse. In that blog post I wrote:

  • Yes, we’re in for it. Great changes are upon us. The time for transformation has arrived. This Lunar Eclipse is happening at the critical point just hours before the once in 38 years conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. Eclipses are harbingers of exposure, when shadow contents become more visible. The Cancer Moon is reflecting our shadow down on us at a time when Saturn, the keeper of Time and karma, and Pluto, the inevitable progression of our evolution, combine forces. This heralds a time of great change, where our world is shaken up, shaken in order to awaken. 

Shaken in order to awaken. This is where we are right now. We’re at another eclipse cycle, this one a rare one, in that it is the first of three eclipses in a row, rather than the usual two every 6 months. We are steeped in shadow content, looking at what has been denied. Perhaps we all need to recount and remember how the US was formed, through genocide of the Native population (90% of the Native population died in the first 20 years of the occupation of this country by “settlers”) through the massive importation of slaves from Africa, China and other countries. And when we review the history of American intervention in other countries around the globe, causing untold deaths, decimation of Indigenous populations, and the decimation of the Earth with our detonation of thousands of nuclear bombs, the literal stealing of natural resources from wherever we found what we wanted, takeover of foreign governments, etc., our shadow grows huge, swells to unbelievable proportions. Such is the foundation of this “democracy” we live in.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2008 began this stripping away of all the fairy-tale dreams of the “land of the free.” It was in that same year (with Jupiter also then in Capricorn as it is now) that the massive theft of people’s homes, their mortgages, and the financial bailout of Wall Street, laid the groundwork for the deep unrest that shook the country like one more earthquake that helped to tip the scales toward revolution. And since Saturn, the ruler of karma, has prominently joined these forces, our shadow — that repository of all denied and hidden parts of our national psyche — can no longer be hidden away.

This Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius points us toward the shadow of our national philosophy, our overall world view that we operate from. We only need to look at the president’s actions to see how bankrupt and shallow of moral integrity our government has become. Waving a Bible after peaceful protestors were gassed seems like a bad B-movie of how a democracy has become a caricature of itself.

On June 3rd, retrograde Venus forms a conjunction with the Sun, a rebirth and the beginning of a new cycle when she will re-appear as a morning star in a week, for the next 9 months. Venus, our guide to the love we can feel, transmit, receive, the essential frequency which connects every human to every other, is undergoing a transformation, which she does every 584 days. This is a potent time for a change of heart. When she conjoins the Sun, there is an archetypal theme of death (combustion) and her re-appearance a week later heralds a time of rejuvenation. As she brings her light to the morning sky before sunrise, there is a gleam of hope, a proof of resurrection from the ashes of what has been burned.

Action-governing Mars is forming a T-square to this Lunar Eclipse. It’s in Pisces, and conjoined nebulous Neptune as well, reinforcing the “I know not what I do” aspect of reactivity and becoming absorbed into the mass hysteria of our present days. But its trine to Mercury in Cancer calls us out to be the ones who are praying and meditating to calm reactivity and ease tensions, both in ourselves and all those now embroiled in this upsurge of revolution.

As Pluto moves nearer and nearer to its conjunction with the US natal Pluto in 2022, this country will be undergoing massive changes in its structures (ruled by Capricorn). Not since 1776, and the years after, have we been faced with worldwide re-definition of how we do business together as a race of humans, all colors, all life choices. With so much exposure in our technological age, not much can be hidden away as it could 248 years ago, after one revolution of Pluto around the Sun. Yes, we are in for it. And yes, this is the way in which our opportunities for change present themselves. This is the way it’s happening, perhaps not as we would have it, but as the forces larger than us deem it.   

The next New Moon occurs just a few hours after Summer Solstice, and with Mercury having gone retrograde on the 17th. This is a major coordination of events that is calling us for a rejuvenation and a restructuring of laws in this country, as Mercury stations over the natal Sun of the USA. Stay safe, and stay tuned!  

Photo of Venus in front of the Sun by Didier-Favre.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.