Full Moon in Pisces

Monday, August 31, 2020 7:58 AM

10:22 pm PDT September 1, 2020

  4:22 am UTC September 2, 2020

The Dreaming Moon in Pisces

A Full Moon is a time when the heavens are shining a bright light on the exact opposite energy and astrological sign from where the Sun is. (The Full Moon always rises in the east at sunset). This is the “half way” marker in a “moonth” and has been an ancient way of marking the passage of time and the natural cycles of birth, growth, flower, fruit, harvest and mulch.   

Astrology teaches us that every sign of the zodiac has its opposition to the characteristics of another sign, giving us an awareness of the nature of reality, that opposites, or paradox, is an inherent quality of Life itself. The Chinese characterize this as yin/yang, which expresses duality, but opposites are complementary and actually interdependent upon each other for understanding of a larger or deeper truth.

This month, while the Sun’s position is in analytical and discerning rational-minded Virgo, the Full Moon’s light reflects from its opposite energetic standpoint, Pisces: intuitive, feeling, the deeper awareness that we are all connected through Spirit and Love.

There is an overwhelming element of Earth in this Full Moon chart, and no planets in the element of Air (thought). What works best then for this next two weeks is for us to get in touch with our somatic self, what literally is embodied in our “gut” feelings. The Pisces Moon brings emotion into the mix that goes beyond the rational explanations of what’s happening all around us, and instead asks us to apprehend reality with our bodies (Earth) as well as with our hearts, to discern how we can be  guided through these most challenging of times on Planet Earth. This is no small feat for our culture which is so heavily weighted down with thoughts, our obsessions with ego and “me”. If we ignore the energy of this once-yearly Pisces Full Moon, we may miss out on some valuable insights and dreams coming our way.

There can be no doubt that all of our established and trusted tenets of society are being challenged. Being at the end of an Age, we are seemingly without a rudder to steer through these turbulent waters. Mars, being now in Aries for an unusual six-month duration is forming challenging right angles or squares to the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction which has been at the heart of the timing for all of this societal transformation since January of 2020.

Mars is about to go retrograde on the 9th of September, stationing (pausing) at the 28 degree mark. This is a significant degree, as it forms a harsh square to where Pluto was in 1776 in the birth chart of the US, and is also where Pluto will finally complete one full orbit around the Sun at the Pluto Return of the US in 2022. When a planet stations and goes retro at a particular degree that is significant, our attentions are magnetized and alerted to the power of such a cosmic event. Pluto astrologically breaks down what is old and outworn in order for us to evolve and transform. The US is slated for a complete breakdown and renewal, which we are seeing the antecedents of now.

And so Mars will once again activate at 90˚ angles the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction as it passes backward (from our viewpoint) through the late degrees of Capricorn in October for the second time, and then as it goes direct (on November 13th) it will rake us over the coals in December, making its right angles again to the Dynamic Trio. Mars is also at its closest to the Earth in its 2 year orbit right now, making for some beautiful views of its South Pole. 

It’s important to remember that Mars astrologically is an activator, its “job” as it makes angles to these very karmic planets is to accelerate our awakening. We are in the midst of a great acceleration of consciousness, which comes at the price of having to let go of our old ways of being in the world, ways that have at their deepest levels, an inherent injustice to the ecosystem of the planet, to the ecosystems of human beings, and to the animal, planet and even mineral realms of our Spaceship Earth. We’ve behaved badly and lost our reverence for the gifts we’ve been given of this magnificent planet. We are now at the beginning stages of awakening (and grieving) the cost of what we are in the process of losing, and the very real possibility of our extinction.  

This Moon in Pisces can get us in touch with the deepest truths of our existence, ones which we have ignored in favor of our relativistic truths of human drives and needs. One of the overarching and all-inclusive laws humanity has been ignoring is the equality of the feminine energies to the masculine. The upset of this archetypal balance affects our relationship to pretty much everything that we now are grappling with: social injustice, our relationship to kindness, mercy, love, sensitivity, and how we share (or won’t share) our resources. The War Machine mentality of world governments, and the fear they must perpetuate in order to justify the absurd continuation of weaponry manufacture is but one example of this imbalance, but a central one that affects the kind of societal violence that inhabits our movies, our viewing screens, our streets and ultimately our dreaming.

Mercury’s strong trines to the Dynamic Trio indicates an energy of a change of mind being sent to our hearts all across the globe. Venus’s opposition to Saturn tells us that we aren’t done with feelings of depression and sleepless nights. But we can use this “sinking feeling” to bypass our thoughts, and get closer to that place where wisdom resides, the place where we are powerful. Use this Pisces Moon to dream into your vision of how changes can manifest on this planet, to affirm that chaos and disorder are actually symptoms of a greater movement toward a much-needed global shift in values. Let the dreaming potential of Pisces and the discernment quality of Virgo combine to inform us, creating a vision that can be a guide, a way through our troubles.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.