New Moon in Virgo

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 7:26 AM

  4:00 am PDT September 17, 2020

10:00 am UTC September 17, 2020

Due Diligence New Moon

Astrologers have a method of subdividing each 30˚ of a sign into 3 “decans” each of 10˚. Each decan then is assigned its own “flavor,” a symbolic overlay of meaning, given by a particular rulership of that decanate. This 25˚ Virgo New Moon is in the 3rd decan of Virgo whose meaning is: “work on behalf of others or of science, without thought of reward”[1]. If we take this interpretation into the New Moon’s chart, we find that it aligns with the other meaningful angles (aspects) that the chart shows us.

For example, the Sun/Moon is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. When two planets oppose, their 180˚ different points of view are complementary to each other, which helps to go beyond either/or and brings a broader picture into view. This New Moon in Virgo begins a cycle this month of discernment, self-analysis, and critical thinking, of ourselves and the world around us. Neptune’s watery depths in Pisces also asks us to balance our critiques (and perhaps our cynicism) with the Big Picture. The various crises humanity is presently undergoing are asking us to change, to step up; they are part of a process of creating a new way for humans to exist in the world. Neptune provides the dreaming and visioning necessary to see our way through, since it is the Source of all creativity. It asks us to perhaps suspend the “how” questions, knowing that we can’t solve our problems from the same frame of reference that created it. Neptune’s watery depths help to loosen up the solidity of the earth element by offering inspiration and possibility, when our thoughts and analysis tell us we’re stuck.

Mercury, ruler of our thoughts, is exactly square (at 90˚) to Jupiter in this chart, (and also to Pluto and Saturn) challenging us to contain our spiritual bypassing. We can’t “just” focus on being more positive, or moan that we are a victim of the world’s state of chaos, or hope the aliens or a miracle will come and save us from ourselves. We can’t think our way out of this chaos we’re in, but since Virgo is an Earth sign, we can focus on self-care and caring for others, and pay attention to the gut feelings our bodies signal to us day to day.

Mars retrograde is gearing up toward forming challenging right angles to the Grand Trio, starting with Saturn, which is exact on the 29th, then Pluto on October 9th, and Jupiter on October 18th. This “raking over the coals” process also includes Mars’ sister Eris, goddess of discord. The two are pushing the buttons of everyone, in the Universe’s cosmic attempt to get us to awaken to the need for change on all levels of our being. The intensity levels are still not at their peak, sorry to say. Not much has basically changed yet, but Mars will make sure it’s in our faces. As it goes direct, November 13, it will finish its date with our destiny on Winter Solstice, making a potent square to Pluto, intensifying that all-important moment in history. (More on this later).

The (sort of) good news is, this New Moon forms strong supportive trines to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, most strongly exact with Saturn.  This brings us back to the “work on behalf of others, and without thought of reward.” So much of what is happening in our world has its roots in what I call the Culture of Narcissism, which is planet-wide. Developmentally, the human race is at the stage kind of where young adolescents are, in that we perceive the world as here to serve us, feed us, entertain us. Our actions are self-absorbed, and self-important. This Virgo New Moon points out to us where, in each of us, we need to observe our inner adolescent, and without judgement, recognize it for what it is. Pluto’s influence is to break down the old ways of feeding our narcissism. Our addictions to violence, war, sex, drugs, media, glamour, no longer give us that same “hit” as they used to, as we become more and more aware of the oppression and injustice that are the roots of our suffering. We’re slowly waking up from the coma of capitalism, slavery, and media glamour. And since we’ve been asleep for so long, we’re a bit stiff and our muscles don’t yet quite respond to our more heartfelt authentic impulses.

This chart has a strong Earth element to it, with only one planet, Mars in a fire sign, (its rulership) of Aries. And yet the world has been overcome with fire, not only in forest fires, but in the fire of weaponry, of unprecedented nuclear detonations, the fires that stoke our electrical consumption, that power our cars and planes. We have become consumed with our worship of fire, of power, and the fallout of this consumption is decimating our ecosystem. Water is becoming scare, the water element in astrology deals with our feelings, the rivers of emotions and dreams, and our empathy. Earth is our container, our bodies, our solidity. As our containers risk becoming undermined, let us use this New Moon to do our due diligence to become of service, to avoid causing others harm, to contain our fire, and to water our inner garden, so that we may work on behalf of others, in right relationship to All That Is.

[1] Encyclopedia of Astrology, Nicholas Devore

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.