New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra

1:05 am AHST 10/06/2021
4:05 am  PDT   10/06/2021
11:05 am  GMT  10/06/2021

Ready… Set…. Wait!

This New Moon in Libra features a very strong conjunction to Mars, the planet of action. If this weren’t a time of Mercury retrograde, it would indicate a time to jump into action, but… not quite yet. Later in the month the planets will set that stage.

Sun, Moon and Mars are all at 13 degrees, and opposing Chiron at 11 degrees of Aries. What this reflects is an opportunity to heal a split in ourselves, as well as in the mass consciousness,of how we take action, that sometimes our actions are not coming from the heart, but from our thoughts, and our ideas, rather than a deeper sensing of what’s right, or as the Buddhists call it, “right action”. “Right” action has to do with not doing harm to others with our speech and the actions of our daily lives, as well as harm to ourself. It’s fueled by a desire to sustain the sacred aspects of life, which are fostered by kindness, generosity and patience, i.e. the glue that holds a society together. This is important, and so rare nowadays in public discourse. Chiron in this configuration is here to remind us that our mistakes and our failings in the past are the ways in which we learn what right action is all about. These life lessons come back to us this month, since Saturn, the planet of taking responsibility, is in a positive trine to this New Moon. Mercury’s retrograde also historically brings the memories of past relationships to the fore.

Also at that 13 degree number is Uranus, in a cautionary aspect (an inconjunct, or 150˚) to this New Moon as well as to Mars. With Uranus here in the mix we can expect the unexpected, the “bolt out of the blue” either helping us to throw off old patterns, or throwing a curve ball on our path, depending upon where we’re at. But it’s important to remember that even that curve ball is an opportunity for change.

Just 7 hours after this New Moon is exact, Pluto will turn direct, having been retrograde since April 27th. Pluto rules transformation, which most often involves the process of bringing the elements of our shadowy darkness into the light. Its change to direct motion will increase the power of our awakening to the patterns that have been controlling us and keeping us from the knowledge of our powerful soul selves. Since Pluto is approaching its return to the position it occupied when the US was formed in 1776, this nation, as well as capitalism and colonialism in general, are in for some evolutionary changes. Often these “awakenings” are not pleasant in Pluto’s case, and yet they contain the seeds for future growth. This month we may see these seeds sprouting. 

This New Moon chart has no major planets in fire signs, yet Pluto’s direct motion is like the final stages of a volcano erupting (such as is happening now in Hawaii and the Canary Islands) when what’s been boiling under the surface becomes evident, and often destructive in its power to transform the landscape. Pluto’s direct motion is followed by Saturn turning direct on the 10th, Jupiter going direct on the 17th and finally Mercury moving direct a few hours after Jupiter on the 18th. Things start to “take off” after the middle of the month, and with the Aries Full Moon on the 20th the forces of upset and impulsivity and perhaps even attacks, accidents or earthquakes are in the air. (More on this later).

Meanwhile, we can prepare now by cleaning house, so to speak, and doing an inventory of what needs to be tended to in order to listen to our soul’s callings, paying attention to what in our reality seems needing some loving kindness. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the sign of balance, and is about being in loving balance with others, as well in our relationship to our selves, our bodies and our hearts.

Great changes are happening worldwide, and while in the midst of this epic period in the history of humanity, it is crucial to build relationships that sustain us, to release old fear-based ideas that limit us from seeing the ways in which we can be of help in this world. We must not forget, those who are on a path of healing and transformation, that we are here to make whatever differences we are able to create. When Jupiter in Aquarius turns direct along with Mercury mid-month, inspirational energies are more accessible. Ways to navigate this month of transformation can awaken in us. Aquarius’s energies provide the necessary “higher” principles to use the assertive energy of Mars in constructive and unique ways, to know when to stand up and speak, or to wait and listen. Turning off our inner dialogue and listening may just connect us with what we need to know, in the moments we need it most.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.