Full Moon in Virgo

Friday, February 26, 2021 9:12 AM

12:17 am PST  2/27/2021

  8:17 pm UTC 2/27/2021

Full Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon in Virgo points up the importance of the integration of polarities, since the polarity of Virgo and Pisces is quite germane to where we are as a planetary civilization. How do we integrate the vision and dream of an integrated society that shares its resources (Pisces), with the practical considerations (Virgo) of how that’s going to manifest, given how wounded we are, how we’ve been taught to think of differences in race or religion or lifestyle as threatening rather than enriching? The down side of Virgo’s analytical nature is judgement, the action of separating someone or something else in our thoughts as “wrong” or “bad,” polarizing reality rather than seeing things in a contextual way.  Fixed judgements of ourselves or others makes walls in our reality, solidifies and rigidifies our thinking, and keeps us safe but disconnected from others or our own impulses. Careful analysis, on the other hand, when kept fluid and flexible, allows us to remain open to new possibilities outside of the mental boxes we’ve drawn around ourselves and others.

Now that the Sun is in Pisces for the next month, our dreams and visions are heightened, for better or not. We may get steeped in regrets over what has not happened in the past for us, or our dreaming may spark us to move forward into new areas of creativity. But however we are interacting with the inklings from our unconscious, this Virgo Full Moon urges us to make pathways in this reality toward bringing those imaginings down to earth and into our daily routine.

The qualities of Virgo have often been marginalized in a society that is largely driven to succeed, to progress, to “make it to the top.” Virgo represents, at its best, a life of service, dedicated to learning the responsibilities of paying attention to the details of what makes our daily world happen. These are the health workers and servers of our society, from hospitals and restaurants, to shop keepers, clothing manufacturers and rice pickers, of which our stories in the media hardly ever portray as heroes. But without them, we would not be able to have our society perform as it does. Virgo, as a mutable earth sign, is ruled by Mercury, normally aligned with thought and analysis. And so these are the qualities of  the scholars, teachers and critics of our society. We all need the functions that Virgo represents to be able to be somewhat at a remove from our impulses and imaginations, in order to work smart, to know the steps required to accomplish the tasks of our daily lives.

And so at this half way point in our Moon cycle, we are met with Virgo’s reminders to pay attention to our health, to monitor how we are going about our daily tasks, and to look for where we can improve how we spend our energies day to day.

With Venus recently moving into Pisces, our creative imaginations are deepened, our capacity for dipping into that well of creative material is heightened. For the next two months, all the planets will be in direct motion, an occurrence that will not happen again until next year at this time, and which signifies a great deal of forward motion in our lives, both collectively and personally. And with this Full Moon in a close trine to Uranus, new and creative ideas are bound to be flooding into our awareness, if we choose to open to them. Also, as stated in my blog of January 12th 2021, Ceres has now moved into Aries, emerging from the depths of her union with Neptune in Pisces. The combination of action-oriented Aries and the powerful Great Mother archetype of Ceres brings up the possibility for healing emotional wounds, especially as Ceres will be exactly conjoining Chiron (the wounded healer archetype) in Aries at the next New Moon in Pisces.

Mercury, now recently having gone direct, is approaching a conjunction in Aquarius with Jupiter, the planet of expansive energy. Our mindset is collectively turning toward one of reformation, focusing upon bringing humanitarian principles out of the realm of ideals, and implementing them practically into our lives. Again, the Virgo emphasis here helps us to see what needs to be changed, and yet our old judgements inevitably rear up, refusing to shift. For example, raising the minimum wage here in the US to support the workers of our society (another Virgo theme) is facing obstruction by some of the richest politicians who are out of touch with these practical aspects of supporting those who serve the populace.

This is symbolized by the square from Saturn to Uranus. This important aspect which was exact on February 17th, and will happen again in June and on Christmas day this year, represents the present clash between the old factions of the controlling rich and the new uprisings of the people that are protesting for a new way of governing ourselves. This year is pivotal for the kinds of changes that will set the tone for how the next few years will manifest. When Pluto returns next year to where it was in 1776, it will be the culmination point for the Plutonian energies of transformation: which can involve breakdown and regeneration, or outright revolution, more of what was seen on January 6th of this year.

 Nothing is as it was. This is a time of the Great Turning as Joanna Macy calls it. This Virgo Full Moon is asking us to implement practical changes into our lives, and yet to stay in touch with the invisible but very real realms of our visionary selves, so that our lives as we live them allow us to work with and implement the necessary changes in alignment with our soul’s calling.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.