Full Moon in Aquarius 2

 2:02 am AHST 8/22/2021

 5:02 am  PDT  8/22/2021

3:02 pm  UTC  8/22/2021

Full Moon in Aquarius, 2

This Full Moon is a rarity, with two Full Moons in Aquarius in a row, one after the other. This one is at the very last degree in that sign, at 29 and a half degrees. The very last degree of a sign is a critical one, it’s the culmination of all the sign’s meanings and lessons. It represents all of what the sign embodies, and this second Aquarius Full Moon urges us to deeply integrate its inherent symbolic meanings.

Look up into the sky at this Full Moon and you’ll see Jupiter conjoined the Moon in Aquarius. This is significant, as Jupiter (the expansive force) also represents our philosophy, our spiritual viewpoint, the larger framework that we hold the lessons of our lives within. In Aquarius, we are being asked to reach toward Higher Mind, to go beyond the cultural and societal interpretations of events in our lives, and to look at the world through a more inclusive, more long-term lens, as part of a larger pattern. If we can see humanity as being in the midst of an evolutionary struggle toward embodying our ideals (rather than just talking about them) then this Aquarian perspective helps us to see a pattern evolving.

In Jungian philosophy, the phrase, “union of the opposites” is a central idea. Living as we do in a world of duality, we inevitably fall into the trap of what is good versus what is bad, right or wrong, etc. If we can hold the opposites long enough without judgement, living in the question of how the opposites are related, then a third position, or the third choice (of wisdom) opens up to us. This is a process that means holding back from knee-jerk reactivity, which is much of what we are seeing in the world around us. Here the polarities are Leo (the heart) and Aquarius (the mind).

The ongoing issue for this year is the square between Saturn (the known, rules, laws, structures) and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, which is innovation, breaking with the known and exploring new ways of holding our reality. And interestingly we see in this chart Mercury and Mars conjoined in rule-bound Virgo, a super-analytical and potentially fussy energy, but with their trine (harmonious 120˚ angle) to Uranus, our analysis moves beyond the known and into the exploration of what could be. Of unlimited possibilities. Of forming new friendships and groups of like-minded people.

Who do we give our allegiance of authority to? What rules, ideas, laws do we give ourselves over to (Saturn) and which ones are in need of bending or breaking? And will we stand up for what we believe in with what we do in our lives, with our actions? Mercury, energized by Mars, is in a trine to Pluto at this Full Moon, bringing an intensity to our thoughts and beliefs that is a push to examine them, and to deepen and empower us.

With all of Life in the balance now, humanity is at a crossover point. Our immune systems are already compromised worldwide from global pollutants, for example from the thousands of nuclear explosions that have been detonated into the atmosphere and under the oceans, and from the pollutants in our air, just to name a few. There is no more “wiggle-room” left for us to continue as we were. Our sciences are not going to save us from ourselves, from our habitual ways of being on the planet. We need to change, and quickly. This double Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to go within and find where our allegiances are, to find the Higher Truths which Aquarius represents, and draw upon them as blueprints for change.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of this Full Moon is: “Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from [their] metamorphosis.” We are all in the process of metamorphosis, we’re all being deeply worked on. Getting in touch with individuals and community who support our evolution and empowerment is essential, for there is where we discover our larger self.

The Leo Sun reminds us, just before it slips into Virgo the next day, that our hearts are on the other end of this polarity of our Aquarian beliefs, and that the “third choice” comes from the blending of the two energies. Philosophy without heart is cold rigidity, leading ultimately to fascism. Saturn, with its trine to Venus in this chart, is asking us to get creative, through emphasizing community, (Venus is in Libra) working with others to make a difference in whatever ways we are able to. Jupiter at this Full Moon brings what others call “luck” or fortunate occurrences. It’s up to each of us to open our hearts to possibilities of healing, in ways and from sources that might just surprise or even delight us.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.