New Moon in Leo

 3:50 am AHST 8/8/2021

 6:50 am  PDT  8/8/2021

 1:50 pm  UTC  8/8/2021

New Moon in Leo

Leo, the only sign of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun is the sign of warmth, enthusiasm, shining light, boldness, as well as pride, and charm. When the Sun and Moon are in Leo and conjoined, the opportunity to incorporate fun into our lives, go on vacation, relax and find someone to play with, is at hand.

Times being what they are, fun seems in short supply, partying is often a way to forget the mess we’ve made of this planet and the handling of our resources. With so much in the balance, and with Covid-19 in a period of resurgence, the New Moon in Leo seems out of place in some ways. And indeed, this New Moon chart has in it a T-square to the New Moon, heavily involved with this year’s major transit activator: Saturn square (90˚) to Uranus.

The Saturn/Uranus square is part of an ongoing 45 year cycle that represents the constant interplay between Saturn-like needs to create structure, rules, laws, to deal with limitations of time and conservation, versus the Uranian need to transcend the old outworn ways of being and institute change, to shift to a more inclusive and innovative way of being. This cycle began at their conjunction in 1988 and now, at the square, challenges us to adjust to the ever-changing needs of a growing population. This is an ongoing square (due to retrogrades) for this entire year. That it comes at this time in our history is no accident.

But when the New Moon squares Uranus and opposes Saturn this is an important lunar cycle in which we can pretty much look toward the theme of “Disruption” as an overall signature of our times, and especially for this month. But it also appears at a time called the “Lion’s Gate” in which the star Sirius rises in the eastern sky, a sign of the coming shift of seasons, but also thought to be a doorway for connections to higher energies. It happens each year around this time, but also coincides with the New Moon this year, (and for numerologists on 8/8) for an extra powerful connection to those who track the energy of what astrologers call the fixed stars. This moment in time has been tracked for thousands of years by ancient civilizations to denote the beginning of the rise of Sirius, the brightest star in the Northern hemisphere, and which is very visible in the winter sky.

So disruption, the signature of this doorway, can also be a portal for great changes. Leo’s energy of open-heartedness is being pulled by Saturn which asks it to be realistic, to find ways to put that energy to use “for the people” (Aquarius). And Uranus in Taurus asks us to break free from the former bondage to slavery in all its forms, including the uses of nuclear power, petroleum and its companies which are destroying the planet’s ecology (Taurus).

Venus in Virgo is the kind of love that is discriminating, discerning, particular to how she uses her energies. She is trine (harmonious 120˚ angles) to both Pluto and Uranus at this moment of the New Moon. Though these two are “higher octave” planets, i.e. they deal with subtle and transcendent energies, this is the kind of love we are being asked to embody. It is love that holds a strong awareness of the uses and misuses of power (Pluto). It is a love that holds a strong awareness of the need for change to be a constant in order for any relationship to grow with the times, including our relationship to the Earth herself (Uranus in Taurus). Venus is opposed to Neptune in this chart, and so is also asking us to dream wisely about our future, to imagine realistically what could happen in order for humanity to change its ways and envision a future for all life. Perhaps you can gaze at Venus as she sets in the evening skies these days just after sunset, knowing she holds the energetic keys to healing ourselves and our planet. And just perhaps if you are outside long enough, you will see some magnificent Perseid meteors streaking through the sky.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.