Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

1:55 pm AHST 9/20//2021
4:55 pm  PDT   9/20//2021
2:55 am  UTC  9/21//2021

“You got to have a dream, 

If you don't have a dream,

How you gonna have a dream come true?


From South Pacific

This Full Moon in Pisces is conjoined by the ruling planet of Pisces and the sea of dreams, Neptune, making this a Full Moon time of dreaming. And at the same time, it’s opposed by the Sun in Virgo, asking us to in some ways to clarify what it is we dream about, what we hope for, what we focus our attention upon when we think of the future. With so much information at our hands regarding the fragility of life, and so little apparent change of the systems of organization and attitudes in our heads of state, what is our future? We are faced so often with the feeling of impossibility of a dream of a world in which we cooperate, in which we conserve our resources, in which we let go of the past of petroleum-based commerce, of warrior culture, and rapacious competition amongst ourselves. So how are we to realistically dream of a world where we are living peacefully together the way each of us knows in our heart of hearts we want to live? How are we to get through all this?

It’s a principle of many metaphysical belief systems: you get what you concentrate upon. If we live in fear, hopelessness and paranoia, we will actually start to see confirming “proof” of our world view every day. Certainly, we have to be realistic about the society we live in presently, and yet we also have opportunities to live in balance within ourselves, and, as Krishnamurti said, to learn how to live with ugliness, as well as beauty, our own and others’. With Neptune at this Full Moon the doors are open to our imagination. How can we envisage the healing that needs to occur on this planet? Of course, it begins with ourselves, which then affects everyone else around us.

The Virgo Sun is powerfully aspected in this chart, with its trines (harmonious 120˚ angles) to Saturn and Pluto. These are powerful energies that are available to us now, if we are open to Virgo’s directive to use discernment, to be of service with our skills and talents, to find a way to concretize our efforts to follow through on what kinds of actions and efforts would further support our vision of how we want to live. This is a Full Moon of visioning, of deepening our resolve to live in ways that promote healing of ourselves, and of the world around us.

Mercury, now in Libra, is almost exactly at a 120˚ angle, called a trine, to Jupiter in Aquarius, which supports a harmonious relationship to the world of ideas regarding new relationships that embrace and support our commitment to a healing path, a world of change and hope. Mercury is slowing down now, and will go retrograde on the 26th. Mercury retrograde is a time of inner processing of our perceptions, a time to go within and explore new ideas. This passage will last until October 18th, and is a time when new ways to live and transform ourselves can flood the mass consciousness, opening doors to possibilities, even as it seems we’ve run out of chances to grow and change. It’s not necessarily a time to put these ideas into action, but a time to exchange them with others, to refine and realign them with the new information that can become available.

Venus, now in passionate Scorpio is actually being somewhat checked in its deeply expressive desire at this phase of the lunar cycle, since she’s square to Saturn and in opposition to Uranus. This shifts the archetypal feminine’s passion to a more disciplined and revolutionary focus, less personal and more directed to change things up, to be a force for transformation. And Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto is in a tight square (90˚ angle) to Mercury, asking us to use our words carefully, to watch what we are saying, noting that as we speak, we are creating and reinforcing aspects of reality with our words. It’s a kind of “Question Authority” aspect, but that applies to ourselves as well.

There is no fire element in this chart, except for Chiron in Aries, and a lack of fire can mean that the emphasis of global energies right now has more to do with our feelings, thoughts, and taking care of our bodies, both personal and global. It’s time for a pause in our frenzy of needing to “do”. Especially since two days after this Full Moon we are at an important point in Earth’s orbit, the Equinox. At that time the magnetic field of the Earth always weakens, since its equal alignment with the Sun makes the North and South poles of the magnetic field cancel out each other a bit, allowing for other galactic energies to flow into our field, increasing space weather and auroras. This is a pause that happens only twice a year, and is a time for allowing us to contemplate that another season of life has passed, and a new one begins.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.