New Moon in Virgo

2:52 pm AHST 9/6//2021

5:52 pm  PDT   9/6//2021

3:52 am  UTC  9/7//2021

New Moon in Virgo

Well, it seems the US has ended one war and has begun another. The US involvement in Afghanistan is over, nominally, and now we’re in the war against women, which actually has been ongoing, but it has made its first legal notch in the historical records of this century. And since we haven’t taken a stand legally against handguns, that karma has now come back to us, and made Texas into a virtual vigilante state to live in. A sad state of affairs.

These are the events that spark a revolution. You might say that now the revolution has formally begun. Uranus, the planet signifying revolutions, is exactly, within two minutes of a degree in a harmonious trine (angle of 120˚) to the New Moon. When aspects are this exact, we need to pay attention. Once again, the heavens have mirrored the drama occurring on Planet Earth in the psyche of humanity. New Moons are new beginnings, and this new beginning in the history of the US is like the shot that began the Civil War at Fort Sumter. Women’s rights (and human rights) have been legally and formally attacked, and now the situation has become one of response-ability.

Uranus asks for change, not just to “change up” things, but change which happens at a much deeper level, one which reflects a new set of ideals, and will have ramifications throughout all of society. As astrologers know, the Pluto Return of the United States — a once in 248-year occurrence — is happening now, and will become exact early in 2022. But “exact” with Pluto, since it moves so very slowly, means that within a few years before and after we will see the effects of such a momentous event. Pluto’s influences are about breakdown and renewal, and since it is in the sign of governments and societal structures (Capricorn) it’s bringing a much more intense meaning to the word “transformation.” Pluto rules all sorts of things that lurk in the shadow of our consciousness, things that it asks us to become aware of, to develop response-ability toward. If we think we can control and police our reality, Pluto tells us we have another thing coming.

For thousands of years, we have been in a cycle of the oppression of all things that fall under the archetype of the Feminine. This isn’t so much about sex or gender, all humans are embodied with the Feminine in their psyche, just as you can say that everyone has Venus somewhere in their chart. The archetypal meaning of the Feminine at its most all-encompassing is one of receptivity, which we then associate to all kinds of features: vulnerability, sensitivity, inclusivity, deep feelings, nurturance,  our ability to be quiet and receive impressions of the world around us, especially things that are beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. The ways of sharing, allowance and trust. The archetypal Feminine is projected onto women, naturally, but also toward the Earth Mother who gives everything to us and nurtures our lives. And as such, this projection also falls to Native and Indigenous peoples who have lived in accordance with and respect for Earth, they are most often the subjects of the oppression from those who have fallen under the spell of patriarchy. And so it goes for queer people, people of color, sensitives, etc.

In this timely chart, Mars and Neptune make an opposition, an angle of 180˚, typical of the polarization we see now in our society. These two planets astrologically are like oil and water, Mars being about the body, and taking action and Neptune being about the unconscious and dreaming. This opposition asks us: from what center in ourselves do we take action? Is it from our thoughts and reasons, or are we in touch with our hearts and our innate connectivity toward others, even those we disagree with? Mars is also in a harmonious trine (120˚angle) with Pluto, and so the intensity of the power principle in Mars (in all of us) is also due for transformation. What makes us feel powerful? Is it power over something or someone else, or a sharing of our skills with others to create change?

Venus in Libra, a sign she rules, is in a challenging square (90˚) to Pluto in this chart, which brings up the archetypal myth of Kore and Pluto, and the relationship between youthful innocence and its exposure to the shadowy Underworld of life. But Venus, our collective Feminine, is supported in this chart in a nearly exact trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, which to me signifies she is no longer as innocent, or a victim, as in that myth from the past. She’s armed with her rights, her integrity, (Aquarius) and a strong relationship to the future of what humanity could evolve into. The balance of masculine and feminine elements in our psyche brings us to a place of equality, and equilibrium, no longer in need of domination to create a world of order, a world where we  share our resources.

Mercury, too is in relational Libra, in a supportive trine to Saturn in Aquarius: our minds are steeped in questioning what is right, what is wrong, the need to make peace and let go of war mentality. Yet we’re being challenged to heal how we’ve been taught to think about women’s rights, human rights, as well as the whole Endless Progress game humans are presently awakening from (Mercury opposed Chiron in Aries). Are we envisioning what our world could be?

Revolutions need to be guided not just for the desire for change, but from the knowledge that our ideals must change. Endless progress, endless war, endless production and use of our resources, all these implicitly are essentially involved with paradigms that use domination and control in order to work. And since we are at the end of places on Earth to exploit, we are at the end of an era. The Sun and Moon in Virgo ask us to re-evaluate being of service, re-evaluate how we can improve our health, mental, physical and most of all spiritual. And to re-evaluate the work that needs to be done in order to restore a way of living that is not “triage” based, but based upon the essential need to heal the wounds of the past, and to share and protect our resources not just with each other, but with all life forms, All Our Relations.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.