Full Moon in Aries

10:55 am  AHST 10/09/2022
 1:54 pm   PDT   10/09/2022

 4:55 pm   EDT  10/09/2022
 9:55 pm  BST   

Friends, we are headed into deep waters with this Full Moon in Aries chart, which shows a furthering of some very intense energies that we’re already in the midst of, and indicates that things will deepen even more. At first glance, there looks to be a Grand Trine (blue lines) involving the Sun, with Mars and Saturn, the latter two when in combination bring fairly powerful planetary energies. Grand Trines are great right? Well, given that Saturn’s involved, it may also mean some karmic lessons are at play here. Mars trine Saturn at its best leads to “right action,” acting according to the principles of integrity. The Sun in Libra, the sign of relatedness, conjoined with Venus also in that sign, speaks to the kind of integrity that includes archetypal feminine energies, respect for the Earth, for each other, for doing what is loving, just and fair.

And then if we look at the Moon in this Full Moon chart, we see it is conjoined with Chiron, which represents the wounded healer archetype. This aspect has a tendency to expose our deepest wounds, our worst fears and the evidence of the error of our ways. Especially in the sign of Aries, with the Moon the placeholder for “the people” in a mundane chart[1], it will show us where we’ve been acting unconsciously according to how we’ve been brought up, particularly around the issues of aggression or standing up for ourselves. But also, this pertains to the mass consciousness as well.

At this stage of the lunar cycle we are pointed toward the grave injustices that have wounded our sense of global relatedness, of a global village. Generations of war have eroded our sense of oneness. Capitalism, colonialism, have encouraged a competitive mindset that erodes our innate human nature, which is to join together in cooperative effort. No one escapes this programming, either as a victim or perpetrator (or both), but it can be changed when we work to become conscious of it.

The seeming perfection of a grand trine can also lean toward arrogance and lack of humility. I’m thinking of the very few extremely wealthy people on this planet holding all kinds of power through their amassed empires, and doing so little to distribute it to alleviate the suffering on this planet. Here Saturn’s influence indicates a karmic comeuppance for the 1% who own half of the world’s wealth. Especially as Saturn tightly squares Uranus, this is the lightning bolt that breaks down the Tower.

Saturn and Uranus are in their final throes of an almost exact 90˚ angle, (a square aspect) which was exact 3 times in 2021, a process which began of intensifying the clash between the old and the new, the conservative and revolutionary, democracy and authoritarianism. This square will continue throughout the rest of the year, but is strongest in October and November, and likely will upset the markets at least until midterms on November 8th. The chart for that Election Day shows major instability as the Sun and Mercury (which rules voting) oppose Uranus (surprise!), and Saturn (karma) forms a T-square to that opposition. Tension! This will be a major test as to whether authoritarianism becomes dominant, or it could be a turning point for democracy in the US (and the world). It’s interesting that Putin also has this Saturn/Uranus square operating heavily in his chart, and this coming around again means a major challenge for him[2].

Mars in Gemini forms a challenging T-square to a Mercury/Neptune opposition. Mars, now in Gemini for the next 5 months, is calling attention to the ways we think and talk, and with the squares to Neptune, the planet of the unconscious, and Mercury, the archetypal trickster, we could be needing to evaluate not only our speech, but also our self-talk. And beware of false info from our media as well.

We must be very careful just how we frame and think about our experiences, as Neptune’s watery Piscean sea of unconsciousness is up against Mercury’s Virgoan need to make things precise and detailed when such details may not yet be available. Throwing Mars in as the leverage point in this opposition makes decision-making quite dicey, both personally and on the global level. The word is instability. Or, you could think of it as a need for a change in beliefs.

So many people are saying it: we are at the end of the era of competiveness, the era of the petroleum industry, and large corporations, the end of the usurious ways we treat our workers and the resources of our Earth. We are all dying from it in so many ways. And as we head into another eclipse season with a Solar Eclipse on the 25th, our shadow material, that which we’d like to avoid looking at, becomes more and more in our collective face.

OK. We do have energies to take advantage of here. Mercury’s trine to Pluto, even though it’s part of that very unstable T-square, means that we need to aspire to keep in mind how destruction is actually a part of how the universe works, i.e. to engage our deepest belief that this chaotic mess that we are in is actually very necessary to call our attention to what needs transforming. It has to happen. Pluto in its return to the birth place of the USA indicates that the shadow of how the US has been doing business must be exposed. (It’s exact for the third and last time this coming December 27th. )

The positive feature of Saturn in Aquarius is that this is the timing for the re-structuring of our world, to be inclusive of all peoples, all classes, all races — the Aquarian ideal. And the positive feature of Uranus in Taurus is a revolution of the way in which we view the planet we live upon and share its resources. If we treat the Earth as if it is alive, (which it is) i.e. with respect, as the Native Americans and most all the indigenous cultures have, then we know what needs to change. AND those changes begin with ourselves.

[1] The chart of an event, often of a country, or, in this case, a Full Moon.

[2] And additionally, around the New Year, Saturn will oppose his Pluto, indicating a final test of his power.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.