New Moon in Gemini

   1:30  am  AHST 05/30/2022
   3:30 am   PDT  05/30/2022

   6:30 am   EDT  05/30/2022
   12:30 pm  BST  

Coming from the energies inherent in a very challenging and dark eclipse season, we’ve been confronted with our collective shadow material once again. As stated in the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse blog, the fanatical, deluded action of Mars/Neptune has shown us once again that the tipping point we are at has come to a critical mass, one that is destabilizing our society. All fed by doctrines of polarization, these events of violence will continue until we are able to address the tactics that are trying to erase democracy, destabilize order, to have good excuses to install totalitarianism. It’s an age-old scheme, deployed the world over, using violence to throw us into fear and disorder, rendering the populace disunified. Spreading lies of dissent, prejudice, and hatred to inflame people is the best way to fully keep the Military Industrial Complex in government budgets the world over.

So now we’re at a New Moon in Gemini. This New Moon prominently features the themes of Gemini: thoughts, information, technology, and communications in all its forms, ideas and the gathering together of patterns that help us recognize what’s going on around us. It is in the aspects (the angles that planets make to each other) that we understand the finer points of which properties of Gemini to focus upon in the coming lunation cycle.

First of all, the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, is still retrograde. A New Moon in a retrograde period represents a kind of going backwards, a time to look at the past, to reminisce, or to re-evaluate our past actions in order to move forward with new resolve. With Jupiter and Mars conjoined in forward-moving Aries now, this is a little like pushing hard on the accelerator, but unfortunately, we’re in reverse. Not necessarily a bad thing, as we have a lot in our past to take a hard look at.

Interestingly, Mercury just passed between the Sun and the Earth on the 21st, just at the very beginning, 0˚ Gemini, of its ruling sign. As the Sun blasts Mercury with its rays of light and power, it is initiating a new cycle when Mercury finally goes direct. We are opening to the hidden dimensions of the information in our heads, in the media, in our dreams, our laws and in our business transactions. This is further emphasized at this New Moon by Pluto, the underworld force, being in a trine to Mercury retro, bringing out secrets, hidden agendas to the fore. We will be seeing more and more, for example, how the millions of dollars of donations by the NRA to various and many politicians have affected legislation. Personally I am so amazed that all the formerly underhanded political scheming to subvert democracy is now done so openly, brazenly, without shame, and even with a sense of pride! And yet, Pluto here clearly tells us that the Universe has even more to show us in the coming month.

Saturn, too is joining the fray, being at a tight square (90˚ angle) challenge to Mercury, shifting the trends of exposure to how the laws get made, and the actions of corrupt judges, bringing out in the open how strings are being pulled in order to fulfill the purposes of the power elite. For example, who anonymously paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s 1.2 million dollar mortgage? We live in a time when these events are relayed back to us with lightning speed, and thus the acceleration in terms of our ability to absorb the information puts our brains to the test of endurance. But we’re in a quickening time, characteristic of paradigm shifts.

Saturn is also squaring Venus at this New Moon. In mundane astrology, Venus represents the Preservers of the Peace. With Saturn challenging Venus, we are being asked to come forward and protest, as has happened at the NRA convention recently. However, hard aspects to Venus also can represent plagues and at this juncture we must be careful to watch any resurgence of Covid or other types of infectious diseases in the coming month.

Overall, the sextiles (favorable 60˚ angles) between Mars/Jupiter conjoined in Aries, and this New Moon signify a month of changing ideologies, changes and confrontations to old laws and immoral actions of judges and lawmakers, and people rising up to clamor for change. Gemini is a mutable sign, and mutable signs are responsible for new ideas, for shifting the focus from old to new. This could be a time of great movement forward, with grief in our hearts, and the kind of fury that gives us the energy to shift the focus toward positive changes.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.