Full Moon in Sagittarius

   1:52  am  AHST 06/13/2022
   4:52 am   PDT  06/13/2022

   7:52 am   EDT  06/13/2022
   12:52 pm  BST  

Eris, the goddess of discord and strife, figures strongly in this Full Moon chart, which is a potent Full Moon, being a SuperMoon (25K miles closer to the Earth, and in line with the Sun and Moon) causing even greater pull on tides and all beings on Earth. She is in a trine (harmonizing 120˚ angle) to the Moon and a sextile (supportive 60˚ aspect) to the Sun.

She’s up to something for sure. A lot of uncertainty hangs in the symbology of this chart also, as Neptune the planet of the unconscious, dreams, and imaginings, forms a right angle to the Sun/Moon opposition, called a T-square. Neptune T-squares in natal charts are often indicative of confusion, lack of focus, and getting lost in a dream world, as well as high inspiration. In a mundane chart (one that represents the world rather than an individual) it can indicate a period where uncertainty reigns, and where what was certain and solid can evaporate into thin air. Eris loves to expose the lies that people like to parade around telling, repeating to others (and themselves) to make themselves feel better than they are. Eris is like the one who’s pointing out to anyone who will listen that the emperor has no clothes.

In this case, these things might work toward an advantage, as the recent House hearings on the Trump administration’s actions to promote the Big Lie are becoming public. Saturn, that arbiter of karma and unbendable rules, also figures strongly in this chart, forming a strong encouraging trine to the Sun in Gemini (the facts) and supportive sextile to the Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon represents the people in a country’s chart, and in Sagittarius now it’s governing the philosophies and general moral principles of the populace that are being affected by listening to the prominently displayed facts at the House hearings.

Mercury, finally back in its “home” sign of Gemini after having retrograded into Taurus, has sharpened our pencils and focussed our minds onto what is important. Now we’re closely looking at the facts and gathering more information. In a supportive trine to Pluto at this Full Moon, it sees behind the scenes of lies and deceit and exposes them – which is Pluto’s “job” as well. This benefits research, investigations of all kinds, and seeing deeply into situations with clarity.

One of the tightest aspects in the chart is Mars conjoining Chiron. Mars in Aries tends toward bravado, toward wanting to be first in line, even toward using force to get what’s wanted. With the blending of the Chiron-wound symbology, we’re more poised to look twice at such pushy antics and see them for what they are. Chiron’s influence here can shift the former to mean the “right use” of aggression, not for violence, revenge or hostility, but as motivation to act in those situations where there’s risks involved, or where we’re going against the flow of opinion, marking new territory.

This is not a fairly “happy” Full Moon, its intensity and watery square to Neptune make for a lack of carefree energy, which might characterize a Sagittarius Moon. Saturn forms 90 degree angles to Mercury and Venus, asking us to pay attention to our thoughts and desires. But I would definitely pay attention to whatever dreaming happens during this time, as Neptune’s influence can open the tides of inspiration and insight, especially with a SuperMoon pulling us in the direction of the Galactic Center (23˚ Sagittarius), the core of our galaxy that pulls everything together. Very interesting that it’s been recently imaged for our retinas by humankind. Who knows what will be activated in our collective unconscious as a result?

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.