Full Moon in Pisces

11:59  pm  AHST 09/09/2022
 2:59 am    PDT  09/10/2022

 5:59 am   EDT  09/10/2022
10:59 am   BST  

Each month, the lunar cycle demonstrates to us the cyclical nature of our world, and of the inner world of psyche as well. We live in a world of opposites, and when we can see the connection between two opposite polarities, we transcend the duality of this life, and reach the third point of view: “both/and”. For example, in the Virgo New Moon of two weeks ago, as stated in my last blog post, the emphasis was upon dealing with the mind and how we think, process and filter information. Now, two weeks later, with the Full Moon in Pisces, we are dealing with the intuition, with reaching outside our own thoughts to the larger perspective, the universal. Both are necessary for us to be in balance. Too much of our own ego-centered thinking and we lose compassion, our perspective of the whole. Too much of the Neptune-ruled Pisces energy and we are lost in a dream, or mired in confusion or indecision. Every lunar cycle reminds us of these fundamental truths, as each zodiacal sign has its opposite.

And with Mercury going retrograde just a few hours before this Full Moon, we are now steeped in the field of internalization. All of the outer planets from Jupiter to Pluto, including Chiron, are retrograde now, signifying a time of introspection. It’s a time to take care of things that have been left for “later” and to connect with our inner spiritual sense of what is true for us.

This Full Moon is conjoined with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, and so there is a strong emphasis upon connecting with our truth, not necessarily through our rational mind, but with a bodily or energetic sensing of “rightness”. With the Sun in a Grand Trine to Pluto and Uranus (blue lines in the diagram) there is now a harmonious container for insight, and since Uranus is the tightest aspect, these insights can come to us like a bolt out of the blue. Pay especial attention to your dreaming these days. These outer planet energies are subtle, so meditation and inner quiet attention are a requisite for accessing this awareness.

Mars the activator forms a T-square to the Sun and Moon (two right angles to an opposition). Mars in Gemini moves through words and convincing arguments, but the T-square tension asks us to pay attention to our intuition, and our practical sense of what will work and what won’t work. We might be too carried away by trying to explain our truth, or argue or debate issues instead of sitting back and looking at the larger picture. This is a look before you leap (talk) aspect.

Mars also squares (forms a 90˚ angle to) Venus, and will be in this challenging configuration almost all of September, including in the upcoming Equinox chart on Sept 22nd. They’re both in signs ruled by Mercury, so be aware of trickster energy in your personal relationships and in communications therein. Sometimes “talking it out” may need to yield to sitting quietly and taking a “time out” rather than nit-picking points of view. Remember, rational thinking is a secondary process of awareness, (we think or talk about awareness) whereas intuition is a direct, or non-rational way of knowing.

Jupiter is hugely bright now in the eastern sky around sunset and hours afterwards. It’s the closest it’s been to Earth now than in the last 70 years, so it’s truly a magnificent sight in the sky. Located in Aries, it’s pushing us to boldly go beyond our old beliefs and ideas and encourages us to change in ways that are in alignment with the shifting paradigm: out of patriarchy and into sharing of our resources, all of us being equal inhabitants of Spaceship Earth.

And mirroring that challenge, Saturn and Uranus are closely square each other again this month and next, reminding us of the issues generated when they were exactly square many times during last year. They reflect to us the ongoing challenge between the old and the new, with changes being critically necessary, and yet paradoxically, some of the old ways being necessary to remember and reinstate in order to keep order, respect for Creation and the Earth, as well as the ideals of democracy.

We are all fundamentally connected as humans to each other and biologically to all of Life. Use this “inner” time now to envision how healing can take place, for yourself, for others, and for our civilization, for the Earth. Out of our collective imagination, all that we see around us has sprung. This is a time to seek revisioning with our intention to heal: for ourselves and for the world.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.