New Moon in Libra

11:54 am  AHST 09/25/2022
 2:54 pm   PDT  09/25/2022

 5:54 pm   EDT  09/25/2022
10:54 pm  BST   

This New Moon, following closely after the Equinox, has a very powerful statement to make energetically. As you look at the chart, you can see there is a Grand Trine (blue lines) forming an equilateral triangle, which in astrology indicates a container of fulfillment, of excellent advantage. At the same time, the strong lines of opposition (red lines) between the New Moon, Mercury/Venus and Jupiter primarily, with Neptune also in the mix, form a kite or bow and arrow, signaling movement as well as tension. To decode:

The Grand Trine involves two outer planets, Pluto the soul power/transformation principle, and Uranus, the revolutionary and breakthrough energy coordinated together to affect the more personal planets of Mercury, our thinking and communications, as well as Venus, our creativity and our hearts. With Venus and Mars the only planets not retrograde at this timing, the container for all this powerful change energy is being built inside of all of us, making our  old beliefs come under scrutiny, allowing for internal processes to become more relevant than external achievement. We’re preparing our collective psyche for big changes.  

But Jupiter’s strong opposition to this New Moon points out the tension around expansion and “progress” right now. The down side of Jupiter in the sign of Aries can represent this endless road of growth that our society is upon, that is killing all life on this planet. It is unsustainable what we are doing with our resources. Civilization is notoriously heedless of limits and good boundaries, gobbling up resources, much as cancer spreads in a body, mindless of the boundaries necessary to sustain its host organism. That Jupiter strongly opposes the New Moon in Libra signifies the split between that expansive force and the need to establish relationships, the essential ingredient to knowing when to observe good boundaries. It’s me and my needs versus the needs to cooperate and respect one another, as well as the needs of the planet. Important issues that are right on the razor’s edge at this time in our history.

And with Mercury retro now slipping back into Virgo, and being conjoined with Venus in that sign, the need for examination, scrutiny of our actions and their effect upon others, is paramount. At play here also is the Saturn/Uranus square, which I’ve written much about, but which concerns the timing now of the testing of the conservative versus need-for-change in values in our society. Obviously, we’re seeing quite a strong and viciously irrational reactionary element now the world over, a fearful reaction that is based upon subconscious knowledge of the unavoidable changes and evolution taking place worldwide. This major square became exact 3 times in 2021, but is coming to a near exactitude for the last time now through October. Will there be a war economy on this planet, or a human economy? Will there be an enslaving power elite, or benevolent managers of human resources?

One of the most exact aspects in this chart holds a clue. Though Mars is square to Venus, asking us to question traditional gender roles and the representative language-ing we use, and Mars is also square to Neptune in Pisces, asking us (especially the strongly male-identified) to be less clueless about how our actions generate our reality, we see that Pluto forming an almost exact trine to Venus. This is the essential aspect of learning what higher love is all about. This is the love of compassion, the love that surpasses transgressions and past racial biases, as well as the generations of inherited trauma that wars and feuds have stored in each one of us. This is learning how to truly be a human being, rather than just a human animal. This is not a task that one learns and completes in a seminar, it’s a life-long pursuit, a dedication to a cause. Pluto’s lessons always demand that we go to the edge of what we can tolerate, and even then go beyond that edge. This is the way through. 

Much of our work as humans in this extraordinary time comes down to healing, healing of our anger, our ignorance, our lack of education, our generational traumas, and opening our hearts to receiving help from others who are also on that path with us, holding our hands and sharing possibilities. The healer becomes the healed, and vice versa. With the Sun now in Libra, the value of negotiating relationships is the key.

PS: Mercury goes direct on October 2nd, with Pluto following on the 8th. But with almost all the other planets retro, we may find it hard to complete things, or get motivated for the next couple of weeks, so be kind to yourself and follow the path inward and see where it leads. Big changes are in the works as we approach the upcoming Solstice. When Saturn turns direct on the 22nd, it will begin its journey to opposing the Pluto in Putin’s chart for the 3rd time (exact around New Year’s), and I feel this will be the straw that breaks his camel’s back. We shall see.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.