Full Moon in Cancer

  1:08 pm  AHST  1/6/2023
 3:08 pm    PST   1/6/2023

 6:08 pm    EST   1/6/2023
11:08  pm   GMT  

This Full Moon in Cancer begins the year of 2023 that is chock full of major-major changes in the astrology of our human world. Pluto, the planet representing vast underground paradigm changes, is in its last degrees of Capricorn, which deals with how we organize our society, our governments and our resources. It’s about to change signs into Aquarius, the sign of universal cooperative humankind, in March of this year for about 2 months before retrograding back to Capricorn to complete any unfinished business. So it’s a peek into our future, but the rest of 2023 will be about a lot of “catch-up” we have to do before we feel anything different. Then in January of 2024, Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20 years. The last time this happened was the time of the American and French revolutions in the late 1700’s.

Saturn, too will be changing signs this year, going from Aquarius into Pisces, deeply bringing up the issues of how our society’s organizational principles (Saturn) could be based upon a more spiritual or transcendent basis (Pisces). Saturn asks us to do the work to put these ideas into reality, not just have them to refer to as pleasant dreams of a better, but nebulous future.

This Full Moon gives us a chance to look at our feelings, and where in our lives we are able to receive care and nurturing from others. The Moon here is in opposition to the Sun (that’s a full Moon) but also opposing Mercury (our thinking) and yet also trine to Neptune, planet of dreams and imaginings. Our thoughts about ourselves and the world are not where it’s at in terms of making headway into healing and clarity, we must nurture and balance our being with quiet and activities that promote a peaceful inner landscape, as our outer world is facing a year (or two, at least) of intense and chaotic changes. When we are quiet within, our connection to our Source is apparent, and this is the foundation of healing and dealing with big changes.

Four planetary bodies will go direct this month, signalling forward action:

• Eris goes direct on the 11th. She’s the goddess of disorder and strife, and while retrograde (since July of last year) has been having a field day with those who are trapped in rigid ideas, causing chaos in the US government, finance markets, and exposing imposters and those who subscribe to fascist ideas (that’s her job). Her direct motion can make headway toward additional exposures, to the point where things blatantly obvious to the populace.

• Mars will go direct the next day on the 12th. Mars will have been in Gemini for 7 months this period, an unusual length of time, firing up rhetoric and BS the world over, and especially here in the US. Its direct motion may either help or hinder the kinds of slanderous political dialog that we’ve been seeing. It’s interesting too that Mars is hovering at the 8˚ mark of Gemini, exactly conjoining the degree where Uranus was in the chart of the USA in 1776. Mars is an activator, and Uranus in the chart of a country rules its ideals and relationship to being an innovator in the world. Mars now is re-awakening this quality in the population of the US (and stimulating the reactionaries as well.)

• Mercury goes direct on the 18th. Another influence of crossed communications and arguments may now start to clear up. For complete assurance of mental clarity (and signing contracts), Mercury’s shadow period (returning to where it was when it went retro) will not be until Feb. 6th.

• Uranus , the ruler of revolution and changes to our way of life, goes direct on the 22nd. (More on that after the New Moon on the 21st).

With Pluto continuing to do its work of exposing the corruption in our global systems world-wide, Uranus’s transit in Taurus spreading information through its rulership of electrical technology (Internet), about the state of our Earth planet, and Neptune in the background in Pisces giving us salient dreams of what could be if we all cooperated, 2023 is going to be a year in which we will see the results of our past actions, as Karma always and inevitably shows us. Each of us in our own ways can work to do our part to improve our lot, doing whatever we can to contribute to the healing of the Earth this year, which includes all aspects of healing from the personal to the global, from individual work to group connections. Aquarian ideals will begin to manifest into reality with Pluto’s beginning influence this year, and particularly in 2024 and beyond. But to get there, we are going to have to change how we live, and how much humanity continues to be blind to its overconsumption of the Earth’s resources.

Much of 2023 will be concerned with how we must change, and what we must do to make those changes. Venus’s recent entry into Aquarius sets the tone for us to consider that now we must look into our hearts at the old beliefs we’ve been subscribing to and how we must change them in order to not only survive but thrive both individually and globally. Aquarius is based on group wisdom, a knowing that occurs when we are together, rather than alone. When we truly embrace our connectedness, then our powerful Source energy is available, and miracles are not only possible, but will eventually become much more acceptable and familiar as a way of life.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.