New Moon in Aquarius

10:53 am  AHST  1/21/2023
12:53 pm    PST   1/21/2023

 3:53 pm    EST   1/21/2023
 8:53 pm   GMT  

This New Moon is also a SuperMoon, meaning it’s the closest that it gets to the Earth in its uneven orbit. This means the effects of this New Moon are particularly powerful, pulling on the gravitational and magnetic energies of the Earth. In many ways this New Moon feels like a New Beginning for humanity, a kind of seed event, that is setting the stage for future events to unfold. It’s at the first degree of Aquarius, and initiates a cycle of shifting of our focus toward what is beneficial for all people, regardless of their preferences or racial heritage. Big changes are afoot!

Things are shifting and co-incidences are pointing to us the nature of these changes. The Chinese New Year begins as a result of this New Moon, and is celebrated by over 2 billion people on the planet. The day after this New Moon, Uranus, planet of Big Changes will station and go direct until the end of August, signifying a period of time of taking action in the spirit of revolution, that will prevail in human consciousness. All planets now are direct, until April 21st, which means the energies support major shifts appearing in our lives.

Mercury just went direct on the 18th, just at the time of the Sun/Pluto conjunction, which means a great deal of transformative energy is in the works, especially seen through our media and political discourse. Pluto’s power, as with any planetary energy, can be used for positive or for destructive ends, how this will play out depends upon the consciousness of each individual, as well as the collective. But we can expect more of the intensity we’ve been experiencing.

Looking at the chart, the Sun/Moon conjunction is beneficially aspected in many ways. (Meaning the angular relationship of the New Moon to other archetypal energies or planets, is harmonious.) Mars, which has also just gone direct in this past week, is trine to the New Moon, indicating this is a time in which new ideas can spread into the mass consciousness. Speaking our truth may well spark a butterfly effect outward into the world around us.

An even more exact aspect is the New Moon’s sextile (60˚ angle) to Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter in Aries is that get up and go energy, the kind that takes action today, not tomorrow. Jupiter is tightly conjoined with the asteroid Juno, and so it affects our desires to form partnerships and have helpers to strengthen our cause for implementation of Aquarian ideals. Its only caveat is that it needs to pay attention to the details and consider the potential results of its actions.

Further emphasizing this, the inconjunct (angle of 150˚) between Mercury and Mars in Gemini indicates a need to stop, and listen, before jetting off into speedy action, especially in matters of our speech, as well as signing contracts and getting into new associations with others. Mercury is square (90˚) to Jupiter which indicates that we might be too impulsive in the implementation of our plans, so checking them twice is a good idea.

And then Venus and Saturn are conjoined in the later degrees of Aquarius, a blending of our eros energy with the need for discipline and structure. But they are unaspected (don’t form any major angles) to other planets in the New Moon chart, indicating that their union is happening somewhat in the wings, offstage. And so we have to be quiet and go within to access this energy. Venus/Saturn combos often are artistic inspirations, a desire for harmony in art as well as in human relationships. In Aquarius, we may seek out groups of people to hang out with, or we might feel a strong need for independence and freedom from our usual relationships.

With Jupiter in harmonious sextiles to this New Moon in Aquarius and to Mars in Gemini, it is time to take action, and speak our truth, no matter what. We cannot be silent and allow things to slide when we know what we feel. There is too much to do on this planet to get us into a place where humanity can survive. This beginning degree of Aquarius brings us to a place where we must choose to undo generations of karma that perpetuates itself, unless we choose to heal. Pluto’s presence here next to the New Moon also says that in essence we have no choice but to heal, otherwise the winds of change will sweep us away.

With all planets in the natural houses on the left side of this chart, the 4th and 1st quadrants, the emphasis here is upon how we act in the world, our livelihoods, the sense of community we create, our spirituality, as well as our own identity in this world of change, our values and our day to day activities and thoughts. All these are the areas we must develop and explore, particularly the 11th house of community and friendships, as these are the areas that can heal us. We none of us can do our healing alone or isolated from others. True change comes when we follow our hearts to connect with those who support our well-being. We are, each of us, important in creating together the peaceful world that we know can and will happen on our dear Planet Earth.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.