Full Moon in Leo

 8:28 am  AHST   2/5/2023
10:28 am    PST   2/5/2023

  1:28 pm    EST   2/5/2023
 6:28 pm   GMT  

Expect the unusual.

With the Sun and Moon in opposition (the definition of a Full Moon) and both in a less than 2˚ exact square to Uranus, forming a T-square aspect, we are in for instability, surprises, perhaps falls from grace, and the desire for independence and freedom in our lives. Uranus shakes things up, it’s the ruler of electricity, earthquakes, and being as it’s the higher octave of Mercury, thus, quicksilver thinking and acting. And yet, Uranus is in Taurus, which signifies the revolution that must take place for the Earth, not necessarily for humans upon the Earth, unless they are in accord with the natural forces around and within themselves.


Mercury is approaching a conjunction with the underworld god of Pluto. Spying, intrigue, underground business arrangements, and covert activities in relationships might well be up for us. With Mercury trine Uranus, its higher octave, this is the energy of wizardry in the works, available to those who know how to work it, especially as Mercury tightly sextiles (60˚ harmonious angle) Neptune, the planet of our deep imagination.

The Weakening Patriarchy

The Leo Moon’s natural inclination to grab an audience and work it may find itself somewhat hampered by the nearly exact square of Mars (90˚ angle) to Venus in Pisces. She will not believe or have any truck with any kind of spiritual bypass or bravado, especially as the patriarchy is becoming so, so old hat. Not in all realms, to be sure, but Venus’s now direct mainline to the depths of compassion and spiritual awareness can spot BS a mile away. So this Full Moon shines a particularly strong light onto Leo’s shadow.

Deception, Lies and Chicanery

Mars is particularly strengthened by this Full Moon’s aspects, trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, and sextile Jupiter in Aries, too. Trines and sextiles (120˚ and 60˚) aspects show us where energy is flowing and Mars, still in Gemini for the past 7 months, is amplified by all this planetary action. This can have the effect of intensifying the lies and deceptions we have been seeing on the political stage, further than the already exasperating levels it has reached, or as Jupiter slowly approaches a conjunction with Chiron in Aries, next month on March 12th, we may see an exposure of the corruption that motivates the “far right” rhetoric in the US.

Power Behind the Scenes

Meanwhile, Neptune is pumping away in its powerful ruling sign of Pisces, now in its later degrees, where it will continue until 2025. It’s conjoined with the asteroid Vesta, the keeper of the flame at our hearth (heart) and reminds us of the importance of focussing upon our commitment to a more universal understanding of our lives. The last time this 14 year passage through Neptune’s own sign occurred was from 1847-1861 a time when the Transcendental Movement flourished. It’s in the background, pushing all of humanity to wake up to the spiritual truths of our connectedness to all forms of life, all races, all languages and heritages, even while the liquid core of the Earth is said to be mysteriously changing its direction. Are we changing direction? It is the Great Mystery we are confronted with every day here on Planet Earth. May we rejoice in and value what is mysterious, unknown and therefore stimulating to what makes us human beings: our imaginations.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.