Full Moon in Virgo

 2:40 am  AHST  3/07/2023
 4:40 am    PST   3/07/2023

 7:40 am    EST   3/07/2023
12:40 pm   GMT  3/07/2023

The Goddesses and Gods are Having a Cabal

Looking at the chart, one can see the group of planets and planetary bodies clustered in Aries, from 12 to 27 degrees, at the time of this Full Moon. They are, in order, Vesta, Jupiter, Chiron, Venus, Eris, and Juno. The word cabal is often used to mean a secret meeting, and to the gaze of astrologers, we can see them all together, huddling in the sky pointing their attention in an Aries sort of way (direct, active, fiery and powerful) urging us to go forward as never before. All the planets are still in direct motion until Mercury goes retro on April 20th (4/20). Knowing their individual archetypal influences, can we get an inkling of what this means for us lowly humans? We’ll try to capsulize the immensity of this meeting of the goddesses and gods.

Vesta, (an asteroid) asks us to come to the hearth, establish an altar, find anywhere that we value as a place which is sacred, and to honor the spirits gathering, remembering to value what keeps our inner psychic flame burning. She’s blended (only one degree away) with Jupiter, who’s all expansive and full of promise in Aries, and grants us full permission to go boldly forward. Jupiter also emphasizes our highest spiritual ideals. One more degree away is Chiron, asking us to remember that we are humble humans, not perfect, and to become aware of how the jaded lens of trauma affects all of us. Our task is to understand that it can eventually inform and guide us. Venus is next, and she votes for reminding us that truly, the only way through is love, in any form, but to just find the way toward love. Then, bringing up the rear are Eris, sister of Mars, the one who shakes up the norms of the patriarchy, throws it in our face if need be; and finally Juno, who reminds us that what is ultimately important is that we are in relationship, that every being is a part of our Self, that we are all deeply in connection. That this cabal is largely populated with feminine archetypal energies, and yet in the masculine sign of Aries, signals that it is time to meet the threats from the patriarchy head-on. The threats to human rights are very real, as we see in the US, targeting freedom of expression, of education, and of gender identity. Aries pushes us to not be silent, to protest, to “demonstrate” — meaning to show up, however the moment calls us to.

Depth versus Details

The Full Moon polarity of Sun in Pisces, connecting with the deepest parts of our soul awareness, versus the Virgo Moon, the energy of which is a reminder that choice and discernment are necessary to navigate the deep and often vague waters of Pisces. Choice based on habit can allow us to stay safe, but is not usually something transcendent. This polarity asks us to make careful choices as we boldly go forward into our new world, a world that feeds our soul as well as our bodies.

Mars is Activating Again

And then there’s Mars. Still in Gemini after all these seven months! Talk, talk, and more talk, lies, deception, and bloviating have characterized our political arena. Mars now is forming a T-square, making challenging right angles to both the Sun and Full Moon. This is often interpreted as an aggressive energy, and indeed it can manifest as such. In Gemini it can mean that arguments and misunderstandings flare up, especially with all that Aries energy floating around the zodiac now. We need to choose our words carefully, and if necessary, count to ten beforehand. We’re being tested to use our hearts to know truth, rather than our heads. Even more exactly than to the Full Moon, Mars is square to Neptune. These two are like oil and water. This combination can bring up old unconscious emotional patterns that may not be at all related to your present moment experience. This is an opportunity to watch and witness these old patterns as well as release our judgements of ourselves when we find ourselves in them.

Saturn Changes Signs For the Next Two Years

And finally, Saturn will enter Pisces an hour and a half after the exact Full Moon, for the next two years. The last time Saturn was in Pisces was 1994-96. When Saturn enters the transcendent sign of Pisces, we’re due for a cycle of examining collectively our relationship to the sacred. Since Saturn has to do with the structures in our lives, both personal and global, we are being asked to re-evaluate our commitment to practicing meditation, compassion, and all the creative arts, as well as our relationship to our own unconscious and to our dreams. This is one of the more challenging positions for Saturn, as it asks us to pay attention to our commitment to that which is essentially mysterious: the nature of our awareness, of our hearts’ expression, of what makes us human. And then Saturn asks us to rout out the ways in which we’ve been colonized by our society to ignore and even belittle these most sensitive parts of our selves. Saturn in Pisces with all of its depth can have so many expressions, from the darkest paranoia to the possibility of the greatest secrets of the universe being unraveled. It means we need to look at our suffering, as well as the possibilities of healing its causes. For humanity’s survival depends upon shifting our focus from war, slavery and generations of trauma, to finding ways of healing our hearts.

Great changes are coming to this world, as much as it seems to be stuck in dire straits. Saturn in Pisces is part of setting the stage for the beginning of great changes when Pluto enters Aquarius, shortly after the Equinox, on March 23rd. And the next New Moon happens within a few hours of the Equinox this year, a symbol of a true indication of rebirth! Stay tuned…

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.