Full Moon in Sagittarius

 5:41  pm  AHST  6/03/2023
 8:41  pm    PDT  6/03/2023

 11:41  pm    EDT  6/03/2023
  3:41  am   GMT 6/04/2023

After the world wide web’s inception in the early 1990’s, the Internet began to become more widely available, to the point now where it has changed the way much of humanity sees the world. Roughly two-thirds of the world’s nearly 8 billion population are internet users. We are daily deluged with information, as well as misinformation. We can quickly look up statistics as well as loads of data whenever we want it, 24/7, as long as our internet works. Gemini, its ruling planet Mercury, and Uranus the higher octave of Mercury, are the information junkies of the zodiac. (They’re conjoined at this Full Moon.) Gemini rules facts. Facts are everywhere around us, being spun in whichever direction benefits the user of those facts. Even “alternative facts” are being spun, to fit the beliefs or pockets of those who wish to manipulate our growing reverence for fast sound bites of info to use for their own advantage.

Sagittarius, on the other end of the spectrum, is the sign that puts the facts together with more of an overview perspective. It concerns philosophy, and beliefs. It’s ruled by the planet Jupiter, the archetype of Zeus, who supposedly has the large overview of all the other gods/archetypes. Of course, viewed through the lens of human egoic desire, the stories of Zeus are often about his abuses this power, just as too much Jupiter energy in a chart can lead to inflation and distortion of reality.

At its best, Sagittarius perceives patterns of facts and data, and forges it into wisdom, the ability to see backward and forward from the present moment. Presently, our world society’s decisions are not based upon wisdom, but on egoic opportunism. This is accented by this Full Moon’s T-square to Saturn, the planet of discipline and limitation. (The Sun opposes the Moon at every Full Moon, but in this case Saturn makes a 90˚ angle to both, called a T-square.) Squares or 90˚angles represent challenges to integrate the abundance of energy, or the more shadowy aspects of the planetary relationships. In this case, a Saturn T-square always calls for some kind of restriction, for observance of caution and slowing down our reactivity, as well as dealing with authority and our own desires for control.

Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) often can err on the side of too much, too soon. And with the Moon’s trine (harmonious angle of 120˚) to Mars in Leo, we’re influenced to want to be moving ahead with our big ideas, full speed. So there is a definite push-pull energy to this Full Moon. Mars also forms a square to Jupiter, indicating even more of a strong need to watch ourselves from becoming too exuberant, doing too much, too fast. We can make good use of this energy if we’re aware of how to effectively channel our desires and our creativity with a strong dose of self-care.

Venus in Cancer is deeply feeling and quite emotional under the surface of things, and her opposition by Pluto can get into desires for controlling behaviors, or the kinds of passive but aggressive actions that beckon others to be controlling toward us. In any case, the intensity of feeling is there, and this can also be directed constructively toward creative pursuits, if we’re aware of the tendency of our egos to imagine all sorts of fears or doubts about ourselves or our relationships.

Jupiter’s conjunction with the North Node signifies a dawning of inspiration toward our future selves, both personally and collectively. The North Node is a point in the sky where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Earth’s, but in astrology it represents our destiny, what we’re to aim for. With Jupiter having just passed over it, the possibilities of expanding our sense of what’s possible (as well as letting go of some of our cynicism) can open up for us. I find it interesting that just as this aspect was happening, an advocacy group was formed to support pilots who report UFO activity, and even NASA has gotten into the act.

Globally it is imperative that we go beyond what we think is possible within our world view, in order to, for example, allow a way of living that includes the Earth as a living being. And to put ourselves in perspective with a much larger view of the multi-verse that we are a part of. Gemini information and data can work with Sagittarian optimism to help us re-imagine a planetary society where we are not heading toward an iceberg on the Titanic. Venus in harmonious trine to Neptune at this Full Moon highlights the basic bottom line of Creation: that love is the fuel, the basic energy, the attractive force that holds our bodies, our hearts, and our worlds together. Aligning with that energy, and using our imagination constructively, puts us in the center of our being, where enormous possibilities exist.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.