Full Moon in Pisces

 3:35 pm  AHST  8/30/2023
 6:35 pm   PDT  8/30/2023 

 9:35 pm   EDT  8/30/2023
 1:35  am   GMT 8/31/2023

This Full Moon is a Super Moon, and the largest and closest Full Moon of the year. Thus, it will be the strongest in physical pull upon our world, as well as energetic pull upon our psyches this entire year.

We live in a world of opposites, and when we can see the connection between two opposite polarities, we transcend the dualities of this life, and reach the third point of view: “both/and”. The Sun entering Virgo on the 23rd, just at the time that Mercury (in Virgo) went retrograde is significant. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and so our relationship to details and analysis comes to the foreground now. Until the 15th when Mercury stations direct, we are dealing with how we focus our attention, how we get things done, and the relationship of our forebrains, our cognitive mind (Virgo), to our deeper inner impulses and desires (Pisces). Its retrogradation may influence overlooking details, or the opposite, becoming obsessed and overanalytical, losing the greater perspective.

This powerful Full Moon strongly echoes polarization with the Moon in Pisces, the sign opposite Virgo, which deals with those impulses that come from the deeper levels of our being, the intuitive “hits” from the inner guidance system of our instincts. When this Virgo/Pisces polarity slants toward the Virgo side, we ignore our gut knowledge and think or reason our way through things, overriding the inner impulses that are saying, “um, wait…” And so we need to work to create additional pause time, especially this month, to make sure our actions are in line with our vision.

Even more to the point, the Moon is conjunct Saturn at this Full Moon. (Look up in the sky and you may see a tiny “star” next to the Full Moon.) Saturn offers us the lessons of learning to be disciplined in our actions, to look before we leap, to know also that we have limited time here on Earth, and so not to waste time, or our limited resources. Saturn in Pisces asks us to work, to refine, to discipline ourselves in learning how to listen to our inner guidance. This is oftentimes a tricky thing, since we tend to incessantly talk to ourselves. We need to get “off the phone line” and be quiet in order to hear it. Meditation is always highly recommended during a Mercury retro anyway, as a way to slow down, clear away thoughts, and not jump ahead into situations, agreements, and commitments. Saturn opposed the Sun and conjoined the Moon may feel a bit dark and serious for the next few days, but it will pass.

Venus, having finished her trip to the underworld, as described in the last two blog posts goes direct on September 3rd, and now appears to us in the morning sky before sunrise, the bringer of light and love into each day for the next 18 months.

Jupiter begins its yearly retrograde on September 4th. In Taurus, Jupiter asks us to question our material values, and their importance in our lives. While retro, this focus turns inward, toward honoring the values we have that increase our sense of worthiness, perhaps turning away from more material and conventional expressions toward our inner guiding influences of love and connection to others. In a harmonious trine (120˚angle) to Mercury, both planetary energies are asking us to reinforce the beliefs that expand our values in life, increase our ideas of possibilities, as well as to let go of old programming that tells us we can’t/shouldn’t/won’t/never will.

With all the outer planets retrograde until October, September is a time to take advantage of the riches that are now expressed strongly from our inner worlds, in self-awareness, introspection, and our ability to find a sense of rightness in the inklings and intimations that emanate from our connection to Spirit, and our internal bodily awareness. These connections happen to us in our eternal present moment; they don’t come from our thoughts about ourselves.

This is a time to honor Saturn, so close to the deeply feeling Pisces Moon, and ask for its help in establishing structures and habits that promote our ability to connect to and trust these resources deep within each one of us. Saturn in Pisces (March 2023 – February 2026) marks a period of learning about the power of compassion, and putting our ideals into practice. Use this Full Moon to become aware of making practical those idealistic parts of ourselves that have seemed to be out of reach of our normal day to day lives.

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.