New Moon in Aquarius

 12:59 pm  AHST  02/09/2024
  2:59 pm    PST  02/09/2024

  5:59 pm    EST  02/09/2024
 10:59 pm   GMT 02/09/2024

This New Moon is a Super Moon1, and strongly highlights the meaning of the sign of Aquarius, not just that it is a New Moon in that sign, but also because Mars and Venus, our most personal planets of desire and action, will also be entering that sign this month, joining Mercury and Pluto.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning it deals with our set ideas (air) about ourselves and the world around us. These are being called into question now, and we’re being asked to elevate them, bring them to the realms of higher consciousness, the kind of awareness that speaks to ourselves as part of global humanity, without borders or distinctions of race or gender. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is at a 90˚ angle (called a square) to this New Moon. Squares challenge us to re-evaluate and change things up. Uranus squares often show up in life as sudden events, sudden flashes of awareness, where a new path opens up before us. We may also be exposed to, or discover things we may not want to look at, or have been hiding in ourselves. So this Moon cycle may be said to be revelatory in its effects upon us. We may want to be extra aware of our inspirations, and dreams this month, and make notes of them.

Here's the breakdown of these strong Aquarian energies coming this month:

Mars moves into Aquarius and will conjoin Pluto on February 13th, both planets are rulers of Scorpio, a sign of passionate intensity and power. Mars is our physical take-action energy, and Pluto intensifies it. In Aquarius they can fortify our longings for unity worldwide. This conjunction of these two in Aquarius has not happened since 1779. That day also the Moon crosses the Equator, packing this day with extra emotional intensity. Walk with each present moment in your awareness; here’s where extra meditation, morning and evening, pays off. Watch that we don’t get carried away with our thoughts, becoming convinced we’re right, feeling justified or dogmatic.

Then 4 days later, Venus also moves into Aquarius, blends with Pluto, and then conjoins with Mars on the 21st. Mars and Venus and Pluto, all in bed with each other, definitely triggers our passions, but in Aquarius, this might be more of a desire for community, for connection, for spreading the kinds of truths that unify us, rather than split us apart. Uranus’s placement now in Taurus asks us to strongly pay attention to the Earth and her needs, as we now are so aware of the delicate nature of the human-caused imbalances in our planetary ecosystem.

Most importantly, Chiron conjoins the North Node on February 18th. Chiron was last conjunct the North Node in 2008, at the time of the financial crisis of mortgages and banks. It was also just when Pluto had entered Capricorn for the first time in 248 years, signaling a period of breakdown/transformation of governments (Capricorn) worldwide. Now, just as Pluto has entered Aquarius for the first time in 248 years, Chiron on the North Node once again asks us to face our future, by looking at where we’ve erred.

With the North Node symbolizing our collective destiny, Chiron here calls for the exposure of our collective wounds, which in the US (and worldwide) has to do with capitalism, banking, and the values we use to organize the commodities of our society. Once more, we have this conjunction at a time when there are worries that the federal budget deficit, which is getting larger and larger, will have a dramatic de-stabilizing effect on the US’s economy in the coming year or two ahead2. Stay tuned on this one.

All the planets are direct until April 1st, when Mercury goes retro on April Fool’s Day. (Oh boy!) Use this rarity now of total planetary forward direction for advancing, but carefully, with whatever plans you’ve had, been thinking of doing, and perhaps have been holding back on. This is all systems go. Remember that this Aquarian age that has really now begun (for real) means moving into unfamiliar territory, being guided not just by your own ideas, but by sharing them, participating in the larger picture, being innovative, joining hands, hearts and minds to make a difference.

1 The Moon at perigee, closest to the Earth, and therefore strongly pulling on the tides and our bodies.

2 Bloomberg News, 1/30/2024

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.