Full Moon in Sagittarius

    3:53 am  AHST  05/23/2024
    6:53 am    PDT  05/23/2024

    9:53 am    EDT  05/23/2024
     1:53 pm   GMT   05/23/2024

With this Full Moon, we are being Called. Not as in “called to the carpet,” but as in called by the Higher Powers, the planetary archetypes, the powers within and outside of us. Deep spiritual and evolutionary forces are stirring within us. They are asking to be recognized and lived in our bodies and in our daily lives.

Pluto and Neptune are the big players in this chart. Though they are very far away from us in distance, as well, they are very far away from our daily ego consciousness. Both planetary archetypes represent the most powerful, as well as the most subtle, parts of our psyche. When accessed, they bring transcendent consciousness to the our awareness. When denied or suppressed (or dismissed) these powerful forces go underground in our psyches and then appear in our outer world as our projections onto other people and life events that act upon us. Awareness of their presence within us can bring insight and wisdom into our daily lives. This Full Moon will shine brightly into those hidden and mysterious regions of our psyche.

Pluto asks us to be a powerful force for change in the world, to become aware of the power dynamics in our lives, and how we can meet them in balanced ways. It transforms the “Me” of the ego into a broader perspective of “us.” Neptune gives us access to the myriad things of the world of the unconscious, the transcendent visioning as well as the delusions of our biggest hopes and aspirations.

The Sun is in a very close trine (harmonious 120˚ angle) to Pluto. The coordination of these two opposite energies, the darkness and the light, opens the doors for us that would otherwise be closed by our fear or our cynicism, or simply our immersion in the challenges of daily life. Remember, the world of Pluto was thought by the ancients to be the world of riches and wealth. Such are the offerings of the underworld within each of us. We may get strong glimpses now of the richness that lies within us, that asks to be brought forth and shared.

A marvelous conjunction of Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus graces this chart. Light, love, expansion and innovation would be some keywords for this fortunate meeting of planetary archetypes. Venus and Jupiter also form that lovely trine energy with Pluto. Venus trine Pluto brings the kind of love that is transcendent, a “higher love” that is the kind of love that is not hampered by race, countries, or religion, but is in essence Aquarian or universal in nature. Jupiter trine Pluto brings us the kind of faith that moves mountains. This is the sort of faith that is not tied to any particular religious practices, but is a kind of deep knowing of the possibility of change, of healing, through the quiet intensity of our heart’s desire for love and connection, knowing that above all, love and compassion are the healing forces of the Universe.

Neptune also strongly sextiles (forms positive 60˚ angles) to Venus and Jupiter, as well as forming a trine to the Moon. Here our imaginations are heightened, brought to internal vistas and dreams of hopefulness, of creativity and artistic expression. We need more than ever now our human artistry to overcome the mechanical nature of our social and public lives, to bring us freshness and to remember the value and power of the human heart.

This is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, and that sign is a champion of idealism. It’s asking us to consider going beyond the tragedies of our age, the consequences from the ending of an entire planetary paradigm, to reflect upon what kinds of wisdom we wish to align ourselves with, the beliefs and tenets that can guide our lives forward, how we can positively affect those we encounter day to day. Sagittarius looks at the big picture, ruled by beneficent Jupiter as it is, and sees possibilities where there appear to be none, generosity in the face of scarcity.

With four planets in Taurus, the most grounded of earth signs, we are entreated to explore these vistas of possibilities, and yet to find ways to bring them into action, into practical ways of expressing our creative vision. Much of this may have to do with letting go of the thrall of internet information and social media, and taking quiet time to question our assumptions about the world events, and the context within which these events are taking place, especially to see them as part of the long historical view.

We live in revolutionary, some would say dystopian, times, and this takes a toll on our faith and joy in living. Use this Full Moon to recharge your internal batteries and to get in touch with the fountain of inspiration through meditation, paying attention to both waking and sleeping dreams, and activities that deepen your heart connections—to others, to the Earth and to its future.

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.