New Moon in Gemini

    2:38 am  AHST  06/06/2024
    5:38 am    PDT  06/06/2024

    8:38 am    EDT  06/06/2024
     1:38 pm   GMT  06/06/2024

This New Moon features another line-up of planets, this time in the sign of Gemini. The newest arrival in this sign is the planet Jupiter, who has not been in Gemini since 2013. Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. Its emergence now, at the same time as the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury has inaugurated a period of advanced communications, making new connections, gathering information, and a general speeding up of events.

Gemini, the sign of the Twins, is a mutable air sign, which emphasizes the power of our thoughts and words, and the value of seeing both sides of any issue, positive and negative. This New Moon is nearly exactly conjoined with Venus in Gemini, emphasizing the opening of lines of communication with loved ones, and observing our relational patterns, both present and past. Venus represents the relationships we have in our lives, the “currency” that passes between us, the ways in which we express our love and receive it as well. In Gemini, it’s asking us to evaluate our word choices, and also to consider our inner words, our thinking about our experiences of relationship.

How are we framing our self-image with the different people we interact with? Are we mentor, seeker, lover, controller? Where are we just functioning out of our learned patterns of behavior, and where can we encourage ourselves to be more curious about the people we think we already know, and the world around us? So much of our words and their associated meanings create our experiences each day, but what if we were to look without those thought-filters and see the world around us as if for the first time?

This kind of investigation is more of a spiritual quest, and that can be a lifetime of work. Saturn in this New Moon chart forms a square (a 90˚ angle) to the Sun/Moon as well as to Venus. Squares challenge us to use that energy wisely, to look before we leap. Saturn in Pisces asks us to examine ourselves in the light of what we believe are our deepest truths. Do our thoughts about ourselves and the world around us lead to cynicism or self-judgement? Does that help to fulfill our greatest good?

It’s inventory time now, to take stock of our self-talk and our world view, and see what can be improved. Of course it will take hard work to do so, Saturn is about discipline and regulation of our energies, but in Pisces, it’s especially along spiritual guidelines, such as meditation, and reading inspirational materials. Jupiter, too, rules that which turns us toward our spiritual path, and in Gemini now it’s asking for a review of what choices we may make to frame our experience in the light of something larger than ourselves. Gemini’s gift is to see the larger patterns happening around us, the matrix of what motivates our behaviors.

Pluto’s strong trine (harmonious angle of 120˚) to Jupiter and Mercury with a weaker trine to Uranus, suggests that as we reach out to the plethora of information around us, we can allow ourselves to consider that we may need to deeply transform the way in which we do self-care. How do we nurture ourselves by feeding and paying attention to our soul’s needs? When the soul’s needs are not met, they express themselves in addictions, depression, and self-destructive behaviors.

Mars and Pluto will form a square (90˚ angle) on June 11. This happens only once a year and activates the classic Warrior archetype. These two powerful forces in a square can be explosive when their energies are not made conscious, when they activate unconscious energies deep within each of us. We might be confused as to what our “gut” energy is telling us. Mars will be newly in Taurus, which tends toward stubbornly refusing to change, so be extra mindful when you’re feeling activated or challenged. We may be thrust into situations where we must choose between using our power to push harder, or to navigate conflict with a “no enemy” approach. This, of course, may play itself out on the world stage.

Importantly, the Sun/Venus conjunction at this New Moon is a new beginning in terms of our relationships. For the past 9 months, Venus has been a morning star, which characterizes the relational field as eager, new, impulsive, and somewhat “young” in its expression. At this conjunction, Venus once again turns toward following the Sun rather than rising before it, and will become an evening star in a few weeks. This is called Venus Hesperus, and has a more internal feeling to it, emphasizing our values, and the more mature, deeper relational needs.

This is a significant Venus transition which does not always happen at a New Moon, and their concurrence indicates a possibility of a new beginning, not only for us personally, but globally. Since it’s about Gemini—patterns, thoughts and communications—it could be a turning point in the rather low, reckless style of dialog that aims for fear and panic which has characterized our political world, to one that is more measured and more carefully considered. As with any planetary alignment, it will take some time before it shows up in the mass consciousness, but that it happens now at a critical timing in the US election cycle, there may be a shift somewhere down the road.

Last year, 9 months ago, in August of 2023, when Venus began her last Sun conjunction, I wrote here about the transits in Trump’s chart, that they will start to turn the tides against him in major visible ways. We are now seeing how planetary transits are resonant with world events. Astrology is cool!

All charts here are using Natural House system: i.e. the Ascendant is always at 0˚ of Aries.