The Chart (Wheel)

The chart is a graphical representation of where the planets are at a given time, in relation to the Earth, which is located at the center of the wheel.  The line going across the middle is the horizon line.  The left side is where the Sun (and planets) rise in the morning, the top of the chart is where the Sun is at noon, the right side of the chart is where the Sun is at sunset, and the bottom of the chart is where the Sun is at midnight.  

The Planets (and asteroids)

The planets represent the different kinds of forces in the psyche, they are the “what”.

Sun =      The Will

Moon = The Emotional Center

Mercury = Our Mind, Communications

Venus = Our Feminine Energy, Love, Beauty, Receptivity

Mars = Our Masculine Energy, How we Take Action

Jupiter =      Our Optimism, Desire for Growth

Saturn =  Self-Discipline, Limitations

Uranus =      Revolution, Change, Universal Mind

Neptune = The Unconscious, Spirit World, Dream Time

Pluto = The Power of Transformation

Chiron = The wound to our soul we enter this lifetime with, to heal and inform us.

North/South Node = Points in the sky which refer to our soul's karmic path.

The Signs

The signs represent the “how”, how the forces of the planets are expressed.  Much has been written about the qualities of the various signs... A planet in one sign can have a different quality than the same planet in a different sign.

The Aspects

The aspects are the angles that the planets make to each other, and show us the relationship of the different parts of the psyche to each other, the quality of how they interact.

Conjunctions = Fusion of the Energies of planets involved

Oppositions = Disparate Nature between the needs of parts of the psyche

Trines = Harmonious Relationship, talents

Sextiles = Opportunity for Growth of skills

Squares = Intense Energy, often Challenging at first

Inconjuncts = Need for Caution and Adjustment


All the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in a counter-

clockwise motion, as seen from the North Star (“above” the plane of planetary orbits). When the Earth moves ahead of another planet and passes it, much like a car passing another car on a highway, the latter appears to be falling behind, moving backwards. Thus from the Earth’s perspective, that planet is said to be in retrograde motion. When the Earth and the other planet appear from our perspective to be going in the same orbital motion again, that planet is said to be “direct.”  Astrologically, a retrograde planet’s symbolic meaning is turned inward, toward the unconscious realms of the psyche.  When it goes direct, that symbolic influence is made more consciously available.